6 Tips On Making The Most Of Your Staycation

hotel room

Feeling a little stuck in a rut? Do you feel bit stressed and in need of a quick and pampering break? Perhaps your feet are itching to take you somewhere? Whatever the reason is, you can always go for a quick and affordable relaxation with a staycation at home or better yet, at a hotel.

A hotel staycation is a home away from home type of getaway. You’re not completely “away”, but you it does serve and fulfills your sense of adventure without spending a lot of money and wasting so much time.

The main purpose of a staycation is to briefly get away from everything and spend a day full of activities you choose to do for yourself and/or with your family. If you’ve decided to book a hotel accommodation for this day off, here are a few things you can do to make this staycation a delight and satisfying one:

Go explore the area. Sure, you’re not by the beach or in some popular tourist destination area. However, chances are where you’re staying at has a lot of spots to offer nearby you can visit. There wouldn’t be a hotel there if it didn’t have any. Look around for there could be a mall, museums, fancy restaurants, quirky coffee places, a park, or weekend market in the proximity. Who knows, maybe the thrill and short journey of it could be one to remember.

Check if there’s a local fair or event. Whether your staycation is planned or spontaneous, it wouldn’t hurt if you check if there are any local fair or activities near the hotel you’re staying. See if there are any events happening around, for all you know there could be a dog-related activity somewhere and you’re missing all the floofs that will make you go ‘aww’.

Take advantage of the hotel facilities and services. If you’re the type of person who prefers to stay in the hotel for a complete staycation experience, seize the opportunity to take advantage of the amenities, facilities, and services your hotel offers. Make the most of your stay chilling at the pool or hanging out at the bar for some drinks or at the restaurant for the buffet. Some hotels also offer spa services as well.

Do something new. A staycation doesn’t have to be bland. Yes, you booked this day/s to step away from some responsibilities and just relax for a moment. But you can also take this time to push yourself to do something new. Always wanted to try yoga or pilates? Go for it. Have your film camera with you? Go for a photo walk. Whatever it is, just enjoy yourself.

Don’t check your work email. The best staycations are those that don’t involve checking out your work phone. Checking your emails for 10 minutes can go to an hour or two. Isn’t work one of the reasons you’re having this break? Go off the grid even just for one day and feel the weight of stress lift off your shoulders.

Fulfill your watchlist. You’ve booked this staycation to relax. If you’re the type that’s not into exploration on your own and just wanted to stay inside your hotel room, might as well catch up on your movies and tv watchlist. While you’re at it, ready the popcorns and other snacks!

Worry less about travel expenses, go for a stress-free staycation on your own or better yet, with family or friends. You deserve a break!

About the author: Chie sails from Parramatta. You can find her writing for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation in her downtime, the perfect hotel choice to stay in for both business or leisure.