6 Ways To Make Your Attic The Coolest Place In Your House

Coolest Place

No matter how much space you have, or don’t have, you can always use some more. This is exactly why your attic should no longer be some dark space used for discarding or storing unwanted items. Reclaim your attic space to create more room for what you need or simply want. A coat of paint, more light and a little bit of your time may be all you need to create your attic of opportunities.

Create better storage

Before you jump to redesigning your attic, try to organize your belongings which have been occupying the space. You might get rid of some of them, but the rest will need a new spot. But even after purging your attic, some things will still be out of place. Rethink your storage in the attic, try putting a wall closet to put away the seasonal clothes or your bike. It will give the room a more polished look this way.

Repaint the walls

Some fresh paint will be an easy but also a necessary part of the attic-reclaiming process. The best choice of color would be white, as it makes space appear larger and more inviting. However, if you are not a fan of white, you can choose some pastel colors and brighten them up with some colorful details, like pillows.

Choose its new purpos

In order to refurnish your new space, you need to decide its new purpose. Perhaps it can serve as an additional bedroom, for you or your guests, or maybe it would be better to use it as your home office. You can also redesign it as a media room/entertainment space. But again, it can be all of the above, with a pullout couch, a closet, a desk with a chair, a TV system and a few more details. It can be your three-in-one room.

Accent the features

To give your attic a personalized look, discover its main features. If there are some wooden beams or a hardwood floor, focus on them. Instead of hiding them or neglecting them, bring them out and design the room around them.

Let there be light

Attics almost always have a problem with light. In many cases, people are reluctant to use their attics precisely because of the lack of light which makes them less inviting. Adding a skylight or widening the current windows can make all the difference. However if these aren’t an option, all you need is some LED lighting. Sydney light companies can offer light sources which you will need as you can’t depend on natural light alone, especially at night.

Choose your furniture well

As your attic may still work as additional storage space, creating closets is essential. The best solution would be to use the space you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise, for example where the ceiling is too low. Choose the rest of your furniture depending on the primary function you have chosen for the room. We advise selecting pieces which are more adaptable and also bring a bit of life to the typically gloomy space.

Will you use the rediscovered attic space as your home office, an already needed extra bedroom or a spare guest bedroom? Perhaps you can use it as a less formal entertainment space, or perhaps you can customize it to serve all the needs mentioned. All you have to do is to find a bit of time and follow the tips listed and your home will be richer for an extra room.

Author Bio:

Lena Hemsworth spent five years working as a business consultant in Sydney. Now she is a freelance blogger and copywriter. When she is not working she enjoys sunbathing and redecorating her backyard.