6 Ways To Make Your Car Look Awesome


If you are tired of your old car and you think about throwing it away, stop for a second since there might be a solution. In order to avoid spending ton of money on the new vehicle, give your best to make your current car look better. There are plenty ways of achieving that, and the text below will provide you with some that might be crucial. Keep on reading and give your car another chance.

Do some cleaning

This cleaning action should not be the quick and superficial one, it has to include detailed scrubbing of everything you can think of. Get all the mats out and give them a good shampoo bath. Continue with upholstery and do the same. While waiting for rugs to dry, you should get into some trash excavation in the trunk area. Remove the seats and scrub underneath. Once you’re done with taking out the garbage, go ahead and vacuum the whole interior. Keep in mind that this effort is a great way of inspection for potential issues.

Work on cockpit

The next step should be focusing on the wheel and dashboard. If those two suffered some damage and don’t look so good after a few years of using, go ahead and invest in some affordable covers. Next, inspect your dashboard’s illumination. Make sure to replace all dead emergency lights and busted knobs and switches. If you want to save some cash, pay a visit to a local junkyard and find replacement parts there. Give your best to improve your cockpit since that will be the place you’ll look at most of the time.

Update the electronics

Regardless of the age of your car, it is possible that it has an outdated sound system. The best way to shift your car from the past to the present is to invest in some new technology. Go ahead and purchase new radio head unit which includes options to get connected with your smartphone via USB, or even better, via Bluetooth. In addition, consider installing an electronic GPS navigation since those became very affordable in the past few years.

Revive your A/C system

You probably have a lot of experience with home air conditioners, and you are aware of all issues tied with them. The same goes when it comes to the car’s A/C. After a few years of using, it will get stuffed with plenty of bacteria, mildew, and mold. Start with inspecting the air passageways in order to see if the air isn’t passing through accumulated dust or leaves. After you’re sure everything works fine, go ahead and clean or replace all filters in the system. The final touch in improving your A/C should be an air-conditioning deodorizer.

Check and fix the brakes

Once you’re done with cosmetic jobs, you should focus on the stuff that really matters. Go ahead and pay a visit to a near car service center so they can check out your brakes and suspension. If you have some extra money that you want to invest in your car, you should go with new stabilizer bars, racing shocks or urethane bushings. Those additions will transfer any car into a racing one. But, of course, you don’t need to do that. Just make sure to service or rebuild the suspension and steering system and your car will become safer and reliable.

Replace wheels and tires

Before spending any money on new tires, make sure they’re properly inflated. If they are, the overall driving experience will improve and you’ll save some cash. On the other hand, buying new tires will improve both, the appearance and performance of your vehicle. Always keep your tires in the best possible condition since they suffer the biggest stress while driving. Of course, replacing the old wheels and tires will come with a price, but it’s still cheaper than the new car.

Final thoughts

Making your car look and work as new is not that difficult, and if you keep up with some good tactics, you’ll be able to save a lot of money. If you are, on the other hand, in love with your vehicle, go ahead and improve it as much as you can. Always think about your budget before you engage in a shopping spree.

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