7 Brilliant Ideas to Use Leftover Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are the end pieces leftover from a carpet roll. Many people typically throw these away thinking they won’t have any use for them.

However, there are plenty of ways you can repurpose them for your home, car, or pet. And, they’re easy, DIY projects that you can do all on your own. Don’t let your leftover carpet remnants take up space in your home. Transform them into something unique.

Where to Get Carpet Remnants?

Carpet remnants are cut from the carpet roll, usually to make the size of the carpet smaller. They’re often sold separately at carpet remnant shops. You’ll usually save some money when you buy because they’re cheaper than buying full carpet rolls.

You could also have carpet remnants if you buy a larger size carpet and then have to cut to fit your exact needs.

Brilliant Ways to Use Carpet Remnants

Ready to repurpose your carpet remnants? Here are seven brilliant ideas to get you started:

1. Use Carpet Remnants in Pet Crates
Your pet probably doesn’t like to lay on the bare floor, especially when it’s too hot or too cold. So, to keep them comfortable, use carpet remnants to decorate their crate.

To do this, all you’ll need to do is lay some pieces of carpet inside their crate. You can cut a precise piece to fit the entire crate floor or put in several pieces that they can move around. Either way, you’re providing warmth and a comfy place to lay down for your pet.

Another option is to place a carpet remnant under the crate to avoid scratches and dents on the floor when your pet moves in the crate. Be sure to use glue or other adhesives to make sure it sticks well under the crate.

2. Hang or Use as Decorative Pieces
They say art is in the eye of the beholder. So if you like your carpet, why not use leftover pieces to decorate your home!

There can be many ways you can decorate the house with carpet leftovers. You could wrap some around vases, planters, or lamp shades. Just make sure to cut the carpet scraps properly and in the right size.

Another option is to hang some on the wall as a piece of art. You can frame it or leave it as-is. If as-is, the carpet might need regular cleaning as carpets are known to attract dirt and dust.

3. Make a Cat Scratcher
Cats love to scratch their paws on different objects, which often ends up damaging items lying around. A good option is to dedicate a carpet remnant to your cat. Pick a piece that has a hard and textured surface so that your cat can enjoy it more.

To create the cat scratcher, it’s recommended that you wrap the piece and string it tightly. You may also wrap it to a corner so that the cat cannot move it around.

This will keep your cat happy and will also protect other objects from being scratched and damaged.

4. Place Under the Washing Machine
It’s normal, but frustrating, for washing machines to make noises when working. This is due to the rotational movements taking place inside the machine, causing the machine against the floor and make noise.

To soften the noises, try placing a carpet remnant under the washing machine. This definitely isn’t something you want to do alone – make sure to have someone help as you lift or move the washing machine to slide the carpet piece into place.

There also might be some trial and error in play here, as you move the carpet remnants around to get them situated properly under the washing machine.

5. Use Under Furniture to Make Moving Simple and Easy
Moving a heavy piece of furniture requires a lot of effort. Not only does it exert you and anyone helping you, but it can also damage your floors.

Make moving furniture easier for you and your floors by placing a carpet remnant underneath the item that needs to be moved. You’ll still want to be careful about sliding the item, as sometimes the bottom of carpets can be scratchy, but you’ll still have an easier time moving the piece to where you want it to go.

6. Update Your Car Interior
Why buy a car mat when you already have spare carpet remnants at home?

To create a car mat out of carpet remnants, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of your car’s interior. Once you do so, you can cut (or buy if you don’t have at home) the carpet to fit the dimensions. Next, you’ll just lay in place in you car. You might need to tweak the remnant to fit just right, but you have a new car interior that is cheaper than buying branded car mats.

7. Create a Rug
Convert your carpet scraps into rugs! You’ll just need to pick a piece of carpet that can look good as a standalone rug.

If you’re pretty crafty and handy, you may even cut and join several pieces together with the help of glue to make the rug look super attractive and unique. However, make sure to cover all the seams with the help of a tape.