7 Methods to Clean Silver Jewelry at Home with Simple Ingredients

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Cleaning the jewellery after a long period of use is different from the floors and countertops. A simple wipe is sometimes not enough to remove the stubbornness from the surface and corners. And many people spend a significant amount each year taking the help of an expert instead of the DIY route.

However, it is easier to remove tarnish from your jewellery if you know the right method. The lack of knowledge is the major reason for people to skip the task while wearing the same jewellery every day. You can give it a try to get the shine back without the need to visit the local store.

How Tarnish Forms on Jewellery?

Tarnish is the dark coating on the surface of your jewellery that is the result of a thin layer of corrosion. It will make the silver look dull because of the chemical reaction on the surface involving sulphur or hydrogen sulphide in the atmosphere. Remember, the silver doesn’t react with oxygen or water at an average temperature.

You will find the silver jewellery inside air-restricted spaces to prevent tarnishing. But most of the jewellery doesn’t get the air-tight boxes to cause tarnishing at a slow rate. Also, the skin alkaline levels contribute to the tarnishing process apart from the air.

You can prevent or at least slow down the process by storing your jewellery in air-tight containers. Moreover, regular cleaning is important to maintain their shine for a very long period. Take help from loans online in Ireland if you want to buy silver jewellery with proper cleaning and storing accessories.

Correct Combination of Items to Clean Silver Jewellery

It is easy to clean the silver jewellery at home if you have the right items in the kit. Water alone is not enough to get rid of the tarnish because of its chemical properties. Here are some perfect combinations to clean the silver jewellery.

Aluminium Foil and Baking Soda

Aluminium soda is among the most effective solution for the tarnish build-up on your silver jewellery. You should give it a try if the list of items is long or contain other silver items. You need a baking pan, aluminium foil, and baking soda to get the task done.

Start with covering the bottom of the baking pan with aluminium foil and keep the shiny side up. Do not use metal bakeware because of the high risk of chemical reactions. Also, do not use the method if the jewellery has some encrusted gemstones.

Now, add water and baking soda to the baking pan and boil it. You need to add 1.5 tablespoons of baking powder for every ounce of water. Add the silver jewellery to the solution and take it out after 15 minutes.

Cornflour and Water

Silver is a shiny metal to make the jewellery look beautiful during special occasions. However, it losses the shine that makes it valuable after some time to reduce the visual appeal. You can use cornflour and water paste to return the shine on your silver jewellery and make them look new.

The paste should remain thick with enough quantity of cornflour. Apply the paste to the silver jewellery and wait for it to dry. These kinds of methods make the silver a good investment to use the money from loans for bad credit on them.


Ketchup is not always the reason for a mess and may help clean a few items. It includes silver jewellery and other items and removes the tarnish from the surface. Just put some ketchup on the surface with no other items in the mix.

Wait for 15 minutes to let the ketchup get rid of the tarnish from the affected areas. Use a microfibre to rub the surface and then rinse the jewellery with water. You can also use a soft toothbrush to clean the crevices on items with fine details.

Hand Sanitiser

Pandemic made hand sanitisers a household product for basic hygiene. You may have been using it to clean a few surfaces, such as glasses and smartphones. Similarly, the jewellery can get a quick shine if you clean them with a hand sanitiser.

Take out your handkerchief and put a small amount of hand sanitiser on it. Gently rub the surface to remove the slight tarnish from it. However, the hand sanitiser can damage the stone encrusted on the jewellery.


Cleaning items with toothpaste is a method people have been using for a very long time. You should use non-abrasive and non-gel toothpaste to clean the sliver with the help of a soft cloth. A small amount is enough to clean tarnish within 5 minutes of application.

Rinse the jewellery with water after the toothpaste completes its actions. You will notice the increase in shine on the silver without much effort.

Window Cleaner

Window cleaners are the multipurpose solution to clean numerous other surfaces apart from the windows. It will remove dirt from jewellery to restore the shine. Spray it on the surface and scrub with a clean cloth.

However, you should avoid using the method on antique items such as candlesticks, jewellery and cutlery. These items are very fragile and may receive serious damage from cleaning. Instead, use dedicated products to clean the antiques.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Another recipe effective enough to restore the shine but not meant for the antiques. Vinegar and water can work like a charm to get rid of the unwanted dirt and tarnish on the surface. You can clean numerous items with the help of this simple recipe from a common kitchen item.

Take a good enough bowl from the kitchen to put the silver items in it. Now, pour some vinegar on these items to start the cleaning process. Add 4 tbs. of baking soda if you add one cup of vinegar to the solution.

Leave it for approx. 1 hour to clean the tarnish from the surface. Use clean water and a soft cloth to finish the task.


To sum up, cleaning the silver jewellery is easier than you might have expected. It only requires a few items from the kitchen to get the job done within a few minutes. Make sure the components are used in the right quantity as some of them can damage the jewellery.


Author bio: Mack Lian is a professional financial author, write blogs for top blogging websites. Here in this blog, he has explained methods to clean silver jewellery at home that you have bought after taking loans online in Ireland. These tips are useful to follow.