7 Reasons to Visit Scandinavia This Year


Whether you are a nature lover, a history and culture enthusiast or an adventurer seeking new, memorable experiences of any kind, Scandinavia is the perfect destination. The beautiful Nordic countries offer so much to their visitors, but if you are not sure this is the trip for you, here are our top reasons to visit Scandinavia this year.

1. Explore Wonders of Nature

Wherever you go on this earth, you will find natural wonders to amaze your eyes and regale your soul, but there are some things only Scandinavian countries can offer. The impressive glaciers of Iceland, Denmark’s huge cliffs, and Norway’s famous fjords are a nature lover’s paradise. The grass is greener in Sweden, and the magical forests of Lapland can make anyone feel like in a fairytale, especially if traveling during the winter when the snow covers everything. These are just some examples, but Nordic Countries have been blessed with more natural beauty than most know.

The best way to explore Scandinavia’s wonders of nature is by train, car or by sailing along its beautiful fjords and archipelagos. Regarding the seasons, there is no perfect moment you need to wait for, because you will find incredible beauty whether you travel in winter or during the summer months.

2. Wander around Amazing Cities

Even if well-known for their natural beauty, Nordic countries are also a fantastic destination for people interested in culture, history, and art. Scandinavia’s capitals offer a great range of activities and interesting things to see to people who want to have memorable city breaks.

Whether you go to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, or another Nordic city, expect to find busy neighborhoods but a relaxed way of life, trendy restaurants and hip cafes, creative public spaces and famous music festivals, museums, galleries, a bustling nightlife, and many other surprises.

3. Admire Remarkable Natural Phenomena

This part of the world is also the home of spectacular natural phenomena. Depending on when you plan your vacation, you can experience the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, and Polar Nights.

The best areas to go hunting for this natural phenomena are the Lofoten Islands and Norwegian Lapland, between October and March. But, if seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, the weather conditions and a bit of luck are also important.

4. Party at the Best Festivals

Other important reasons to visit Scandinavia this year are its festivals. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in music, are the ultimate foodie, or are searching for art events, because this charming region hosts a multitude of different funky festivals. If you love food, you can have a great time at the Copenhagen Cooking or Restaurant Day in Helsinki, and if you are crazy about music, you can attend the Oslo World Music Festival or the Reykjavik Jazz Festival.

But these are just some examples. The truth is that there is always something happening in one of the Scandinavian countries. All you need to do is find your favorite event and plan your trip.

5. Get into the Christmas Spirit

Probably one of the best reasons to visit Scandinavia this year is because the winter holidays are just around the corner, and the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit is as close to Santa’s official “North Pole” residence as possible. But don’t worry if you can’t travel at Christmas time, because you can visit Santa’s Village, meet Rudolf, and see the elves all year-round.

And, besides the chance to make your inner child happy, you can also enjoy memorable winter activities. Sleep in igloo hotels, join snowmobile and husky tours, and enjoy reindeer rides, as well as other snow adventures, before relaxing in cosy restaurants and welcoming cafes. Rovaniemi is definitely a perfect winter destination for both kids and adults.

6. Understand the Meaning of “Hygge”

Some might think Scandinavian people are as cold as their weather. But in reality, they are warm people who have very healthy ways of thinking about life and its important aspects. So, understanding the culture and learning about people’s life principles are other reasons to visit Scandinavia this year.

In Denmark, for instance, they use an interesting word that can’t be directly translated into English. “Hygge” describes the feeling of coziness, and refers to spending time with your loved ones in a comfortable atmosphere. Imagine indulging in mulled wine by the candlelight with your family and closest friends, without thinking about anything else but that moment. This is “Hygge”.

7. Get Closer to the Locals

Scandinavians are very friendly with travelers, but most importantly, they speak English. So, the beautiful Nordic countries are great destinations for people who only speak that language.

Imagine visiting a place where you can’t understand the language at all, and you can’t ask anybody for directions. Such a vacation might bring some very unpleasant moments. Well, this won’t happen in the Scandinavian countries. However, like everywhere else, all locals will appreciate it if you try to learn a few words, like “Hello”, “Goodbye”, and “Thank you” in one of their languages.

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