7 Reasons Why Traveling is The Best Educator


Life is more than a subject and degree–it’s a life-long learning experience that no amount of time within a four-walled classroom can enrich you. What else can make your life more colorful and put your knowledge to the test? Traveling.

We are grateful for the years we’ve spent in school or university, however, there’s still more to life outside this institution; there’s still more to learn beyond the walls that traveling can educate you with. No more getting told on how to do things because traveling will surprise you whether it be in ways thru meeting people or getting yourself in challenging situations.

After you finish school, invest in an education adventure–travel. You’ll see and learn more from it than lectures can teach.

Experience and put to the test first-hand what you’ve learned, learn more as you go along your way, and acquire skills you’d never know you needed. Here are 8 reasons why traveling is a great teacher.

Traveling is priceless

Traveling isn’t cheap but it sure can’t be too expensive. There are ways you can travel affordably. Like what people say, “traveling is the only thing you can buy that makes you rich.” You may not realize now that you’re missing a lot but do you really want to wake up one day when you’re 65 and think to yourself “I should’ve traveled Southeast Asia when I had the chance.” Going on this adventure opens a handful of opportunities, it’ll be regretful to let it pass.

It will challenge you

Learning in a classroom greet us with new challenges each discussion. It tests your cognitive skills, critical thinking, and comprehension, albeit great and very helpful in reaching your academic goals, it still lacks something a lot more to offer.

Traveling challenges these factors as well as educate you in an emotional level. Setting foot in new places you know little to nothing about, getting lost along the way, planning your itinerary, researching which hotel accommodation best fits you, immersing yourself in your destination’s culture and tradition; and more, puts your mind and instinct to the challenge. It’s going to be stressful and exhilarating but the more it pushes you out of your comfort zone, the more you’ll learn about the world and yourself.

Get to know yourself more

How much do you know yourself? You know your fears, what puts you on the edge, what excites you, what inspires you, and so on. But do you know the extent of each? You may be afraid of heights but who knows, you just might like parasailing or skydiving. You’ll never know unless you try and push yourself out of your safe zone. This way, you’ll get to know yourself in a deeper level–physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Going on a self-journey exploration will raise a lot of questions; among these are to question your beliefs and perception among certain issues.

Let your creativity flow

Resource : Musafir

Agree or not, travelers are the most creative people you’ll ever meet. With the variety of resources and inspiration available for them to draw from, their creative juices will overflow. Going on outdoor adventures, watching the sunset or sunrise, going people watching, appreciating picturesque landscapes, the smell of fresh air, the tasty dishes, the sound of a language you barely understand, and more are priceless experiences that can inspire you to write a story or paint an art.

Even the bad sights and sides of traveling can inspire you. Trash on the beach shore? Start a movement in collecting trash and converting that into something useful. Let the ideas come through.

Meet people from different backgrounds

Surely you’ve heard about certain prejudices and stereotypes among different races. The world is a scary place and some people can be, too, but don’t let stereotypes stop you from meeting people from different places.

When you travel, you’ll be surprised at how so many people are genuinely kind and how different they are in person that what you thought based on social media or what other people tell you. You’ll develop your social skills and communication skills through this.

You’ll learn to organize and manage your time efficiently

From planning and organizing your itinerary, to scouting for the right hotel accommodation for your trip, to estimating the travel time to get to and from your destination, there’s a lot of pre-, during, and post-preparation when it comes to traveling. All this will improve your planning, time management and organizational skills.

Traveling will boost your confidence

If you’re always having self-doubts and usually underestimate yourself for unknown reasons, go on a solo adventure. Whether it be out of town, as simple as visiting a museum and trying out new restaurants, or traveling international alone, this will help you trust yourself more and go with your gut. Thus, it will increase your confidence in yourself and be your own close ally.

About the author: Chie Suarez sails from Parramatta.You can find her writing for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation in her downtime, the perfect hotel choice to stay in for both business or leisure.