7 Sign You Are Over Exfoliating Your Skin


Exfoliation is a wonderful process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. A session of good scrubbing takes off dirt, boost circulation and make your face smooth & silky. Overuse of the wonderful process can be a bad thing for your skin. Here are some signs of over-exfoliating your skin.

Your Face is Too Shiny

You need to give a break if your face shines like disco balls. The light can easily reflect if your skin is over exfoliated. If you notice shine or over smoothed in your skin then you should have to break the process.

Your breakouts are getting worse

Excessive exfoliation can steal your skin natural moisture that’s why your body produces more oils to compensate for the loss of hydration. Apart from that, if you’re scrubbing your skin too aggressively can disrupt the skin layer which can protect your skin from the bacteria and free radicals.

Your skin looks like it was sunburned

Redness & itchiness is the sign that your skin is in distress. The top layer of your skin protection from pollution, allergens, and irritants. When the top layer of your skin is damaged then your skin becomes more susceptible and irritants.

Your skin feels like crepe paper

When you are over-exfoliating that means you are scrubbing your healthy skin cells. These skin cells help to retain the natural hydration level in your body. Suddenly, if your skin feels flaky and dark line which is the sign your skin lost your moisture.

Your skin becomes dry

Over exfoliation can cause your skin to be drier and worse. You will have to peel this damaged skin from your body. If you notice any type of dry patches or lost of moisture from your skin then you have to take a break from this process. If your skin is peeling then you should never try to exfoliate it.  Over exfoliation doesn’t make the situation better.


Increase Acne

Over exfoliation is one of main reasons to develop acne in your skin. Moderate amounts of exfoliation are good for your skin and also helps to prevent acne. It can also keep the pores clear of debris. If you aggressively rubbing your skin then it can weaken your skin so it can’t defend itself any type of bacteria that mean increase pimples in your skin.

Your skin feels tight

Many of us feel our skin tight after washing your face. In some cases, we feel tight our skin when we over-exfoliating our skin. This makes us uncomfortable and causes skin-related issues such as cracked dry skin.


Exfoliation is good for your skin but over-exfoliation is bad for your skin. It can become our skin dry and loss of hydration. Apart from that it can also the main reason for developing acne in your skin. You can consult with an expert if you face any type of skin-related issues.