7 Tips For Moving Out of Your Parents House

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Moving out of the family nest and setting out on your own is a major step towards independence. That said, the process of moving homes and transitioning into adulthood can be challenging, but with efficient planning and organizing, you can ensure that you’re fully prepared for life on your own.

Communicate your plans to your parents

Parents are aware that their children will leave the family nest at some point, but it’s important to give them enough time to adjust to the change. Talk to your parents about your plans beforehand to ensure they’re prepared for this big step as well. Be extra sensitive when talking about your plans on moving out and keep their emotions and needs in mind when communicating your intentions.

Come up with a monthly budget and start saving

Whether you plan on renting or purchasing a home, you’ll need to consider all the different monthly expenses you can expect once you move out. If you plan to rent, factor in expenses such as rent, rental insurance, and utilities. If you plan on buying a home, you’ll have to factor in everything from monthly mortgage payments to property taxes to HOA fees. Once you’ve gotten a rough estimate of your monthly budget and ensured you can easily cover your expenses with your current income, it’s time to start saving up.

Establish credit history before moving out

Establishing a good credit score is essential if you plan on purchasing a house of your own since it will allow you to obtain a loan from the bank. Even if you plan on renting, you still need to establish a credit history to prove that you’re financially responsible and will be able to pay the bills and rent on time. Alternatively, you can have your parents or a relative cosign a lease (provided they have a good credit score).

Find a new place to live

Whether you plan on living solo, with a partner or a roommate, you want to look for a place that’s within your budget. Ask yourself whether you want to live in an apartment or a house so you can start looking at homes in different locations. Consider your preferences, needs, and lifestyle when looking at potential new homes (proximity to work, amenities offered in the area, etc.). After finding something you like, schedule an appointment with the landlord. If everything goes well and you find a place to live, set a move out date to give yourself the extra push.

Schedule professionals to assist with the move

Unless you plan on moving several small items, chances are, you are going to need someone to help out with the move. Whether you are planning on moving across the country or to a neighboring town, you want to hire experienced local professionals to handle the moving and packing. According to moving services in Phoenix, women can be especially concerned when it comes to transporting fragile items such as glasses and plates. By hiring experts, you can ensure that your belongings are safely packed and transported and that your delicate possessions get from A to B unscathed. Make sure to schedule professionals ahead of time so you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly when the moving day arrives.

Get packing

Start by dividing your items into essentials and non-essentials. The things you don’t use as often are considered non-essentials, and they should be packed first (e.g. seasonal clothes and knick-knacks). Essentials such as toiletries, medications, pajamas, and important documents should be packed the day before the move. Put these into a separate box you can access easily. Use appropriate packing supplies and label the boxes for better organization. Finally, go through your items and see if you can sell or donate something to make moving easier.

Update your address once you move in

Once you arrive at your new place, it’s time to make the new address your official one. Head to the USPS.com and set the date from which you want your mail to be forwarded to your new address. Inform your bank about moving and remember to update your billing address and credit card. Now, all that’s left is to unpack and decorate your new place and throw a housewarming party to celebrate your newfound independence.

Wrapping up

While the idea of living on your own sounds appealing, it does come with its own list of responsibilities. If you take the time to carefully plan your future life and prepare yourself both emotionally and financially, moving out of your parents house can be a smooth process. And if you get cold feet, just remember that you can always rely on your parents for advice or help as you’re transitioning into the real world.