7 Tips on Taking Better Travel Photos

Travel pictures

In this day and age, photography is a skill anyone of any background can practice and develop. Unlike before, photography is almost an exclusive profession and skill to have since the tools and equipment costs an arm and a leg. Nowadays, anyone with a camera—DSLR, film camera, smartphone—can do it.   

If you’re a traveler or adventurer with a smartphone, make your journey a lot more memorable. But first: know how to shoot better travel photos that when you look back at it, it’ll bring you back to those fond days. Here are surefire ways you can do to shoot beautiful photos:

Know where the source of light is

The light is your best friend, find it and compose your frame with it in mind. If you’re looking to shoot portraits of your friends while traveling, make sure that the light hits their faces enough to produce a nice shine. If you want a photo of the ocean with glistening reflected, ensure that you capture it when the sun is low that way the light bounces accordingly. If you want a silhouette of a person or building, shoot against the light.

Experiment with angles…

Shoot from different angles to get a different perspective on your subject. Move a little to the left, a little to the right, step back, step a couple forward, tilt your camera to the left or right, however you see fit, work on your angles and who knows you may take your most memorable one this way.

…and compositions

Composing a photo can be tricky—standing up, equating low on the ground, laying down, high angle, low angle, over the shoulder, a wide shot, close up, mid-range, and the likes. Don’t just shoot one frame and get going to the next, experiment a little more.  

Bear in mind the rule of thirds

This is a golden rule and it is for a great reason: it never fails. When in doubt, utilize the rule of thirds to set up your image.

Take a last look, think, then shoot

Take a quick glance at what’s beyond the frame and take a couple of seconds to think and see if you’re about to shoot a remarkable image. Sure, each shot doesn’t have to be meaningful, however, it’s also nice to plan your shots.

Beat the tourists (or other travelers)

Don’t you find it annoying when you want to get a clear picture of a landscape but lots of tourists are doing the same thing as you? Sure, this may be inevitable but it can be avoided in some instances, especially if in a place and time where not a lot of people are traveling. Either you’ve got to arrive really early when the rest of the neighborhood is still asleep or quite late where the place is less crowded—this is good for getting a different perspective.  

Keep practicing

Like any other skill and hobby, the more you practice the better you’ll be. Don’t be discouraged with shots you find not worthy. It’s part of the learning process. Take it slow and one step at a time. Don’t pressure yourself too much as this skill will develop with more practice over time. So if you want to get better, keep practicing.

Do you have a favorite travel photo you took on one of your adventures? Share it with us along with some tips and pieces of advice!


About the author: An adventurer at heart, Chie aims to finish her travel bucket list before she hits 40. For the meantime, she writes for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation—stay and experience the historical part of Sydney whether for business or leisure.