8 Must-Do Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

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Instagram has more than one billion active users and more than 80 percent of the users follow at least one company on it.
Statistics tell that Instagram ranks as the third most popular social media platform after YouTube and Facebook.
That is why Instagram marketing is very important for your business.
So, today, we are going to discuss top tips to improve marketing on Instagram.
The following are 8 must-do Instagram marketing tips for businesses:

  • Create a strong content strategy and remove similarity using the paraphrasing tool
  • Be active and engage with your followers
  • Provide value outside of your business
  • Create a unique hashtag and build a story around it
  • Find creative ways to promote your brand
  • Run a contest
  • Post at optimal times
  • Evaluate your strategies

Instagram has more than 2 million monthly advertisers. Instagram users are of all ages where 67 percent of them are young people.
These statistics give you a good reason to consider Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy.
If you want to target a younger audience, the Instagram platform is a marketing opportunity that you cannot ignore.
You can promote your business or brand on Instagram by spending less than 30 minutes a day.
From creative biographies to unique hashtags, there are limitless possibilities.
If you really want to boost the sales of your products or services and real money through Instagram, you must come up with a plan and workable strategy.
That is why we are suggesting some tips you can implement today to promote your business using Instagram marketing.

Let’s discuss the above-mentioned tips in detail:

Create a strong content strategy and remove similarity using the paraphrasing tool

A strong content strategy is vital to be successful in marketing on Instagram.

There are two types of content on Instagram:

✓ Internal content:

Internal content consists of images, videos, statistics, and infographics.
You can do different content posts to educate your audience on the problems you are solving.
You can tell them how unique your product is or describing them your milestones.
One most important thing to consider is the removal of duplication from your posts.
You can do it using a word rephraser which helps you to rephrase your content.
By rephrasing your content, you can make it unique by removing plagiarism from it.
Besides, make sure to add images and videos of high quality so that users take interest in your content and product.

✓ User-generated Contents

These contents are comments, testimonials, experiences, and images that the audience share with your products.
You must also post good reviews given by the audience.

Be active and engage with your followers

Building an audience of Instagram followers is the first step. However, this will not work well if you do not actively engage with your followers.
One of the benefits of social media is that it allows you to interact with your audience, allowing you to communicate through social media posts, discussions, contests, promotions, and surveys.

The following tips work very well specifically for Instagram:

  1. Respond to your audience’s comments and reviews regularly. Keep in mind that social media is a two-way conversation medium.
  2. Appreciate your customers by thanking them or mentioning them in your posts using ‘@’.
  3. Follow and engage the influencers in your niche and when building a relationship, you can ask them to promote your brand.

If you’re already on Facebook or another platform, let your existing users know you’re on Instagram too.
This is a powerful way to get started and promote your Instagram page.
Interacting with your online target audience requires an approach that makes you an active participant.

Provide value outside of your business

Many companies make the mistake of focusing only on promoting their products on Instagram.
Instead, show that you care about your customers. Post to your followers about different topics of their interests.
By sharing valuable content, you are more likely to make long-term sales.
For example, if you’re in a clothing establishment, encourage your followers to share photos of the latest fashion trends, or encourage them to donate old clothes to local charities.
Building trust in your brand means establishing relationships with the people you are addressing.
Social media is not just a platform of hard-sale, it is a place to build trust and credibility.
By boosting reputation, you can have more independent communication channels and build loyalty about your product.

Create a unique hashtag and build a story around it

Managing your own hashtag is a great approach to promote your brand.
Instead of sharing your content with generic hashtags like #food, #love, and #football, consider promoting a unique hashtag customized to your audience.
Your product’s unique hashtag is the best way to promote your business on Instagram.

Find creative ways to promote your brand

A common misunderstanding is that Instagram is only for businesses that have blind images, especially in industries such as food, clothing, fashion, pets, and travel.
Luckily, you can make your business stand out with some conservative creativity in photo editing.
For example, you can include lifestyle photos of current customers in your Instagram feed.
It helps you connect with your target audience in a fun way. Sharing this kind of personal information can help you connect with your followers.
Show that you are more than just a faceless business.

Run a contest

Use contests to increase engagement on Instagram; consider creating a contest that includes sharing with friends, tagging people in comments, or following your brand on multiple social networks.
Instagram contests are often organized in such a way that users have free access to a product or service to successfully complete additional tasks, such as tagging a friend.
Offering such attractive offers is a great way to get the attention of your followers.
Consumers are rewarded directly when they connect with your brand on social media, which will hopefully lead to more engagement.

Post at optimal times

Not only is it important to post highly interesting content, but you should also post at the optimal time when your followers are active on Instagram.
Try sending messages at different frequencies, for example, take a test where you post three times a day one week and four to five times a day another week.
Use Instagram analytics to compare which approach works best.
Test optimal posting times with your audience and use your knowledge effectively to schedule your posts and content.

Evaluate your strategies

Instagram offers several tools to help businesses keep track of their progress.
Instagram Insights shows you information about your Instagram audience, follower growth, clicks, and reach.
It is a terrific free tool to start tracking your metrics.


The key is to remember that you need to start with a powerful content strategy and engage with your audience.
You must share relevant information and add value to potential customers. The more creative and appropriate your posts are, the more successful you will be on Instagram.
Strategies such as creating your own hashtags or running contests are also great ways to engage with users.
Don’t forget to maintain your post schedule and monitor your metrics. Whether you are doing it for your own business or hiring a team, follow these tips and you will build engaging audiences.