8 New-Hire Icebreakers That Won’t Make Your Entire Team Roll Their Eyes


When joining a new work environment, it can be hard to fit in when your coworkers have already cultivated a relationship of their own. Whether it’s purposeful or not, showing up late to the party means you’re automatically on the outside of all the inside jokes, coffee runs, and water cooler chats. Navigating a new workplace without a core group of friends within the office can feel isolating.

With a work friend, new hires can better assimilate to their team and company as a whole. Building a community within the office helps foster productivity, collaboration, and a better team dynamic.

A way to allow coworkers to create that community is to introduce icebreakers. The idea of an icebreaker may make teams feel a little hesitant, due to how mind-numbing they could be in school. Yet, when ice breakers are done well, they can bring positive results.

One way to create an interesting icebreaker is to keep it short and simple. Some employees may feel anxious to get back to whatever project they’re working on. With a fun icebreaker that doesn’t cut too much into the workday, your team will be much more interested and engaged.

Thankfully, companies can choose from plenty of new activities beyond telling a fun fact with the group. Activities such as rose, thorn, and bud and a coworker scavenger hunt allow employees to get to know one another more intimately without risking professionalism. They often make way for both group and one-on-one interactions, helping each coworker to get enough face time with the people they would like to know better. Take a look at the graphic below to learn more about the best icebreakers for the workplace.


8 New-Hire Icebreakers That Won’t Make Your Entire Team Roll Their Eyes


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