8 Ways to Save Money with A VPN


In face of numerous cases of data breaches and hacking, online privacy has become a massive concern among Internet users. This motivates a lot of people to use VPNs to secure their traffic. On top of that, a VPN also enables users to access region-specific websites since it masks their actual location.

Most sites you visit, especially online stores, have probably created a profile of you based on your online activities. You can download a VPN to evade high prices, typically applied to consumers from more developed countries. Let’s explore some ways in which you can use a VPN to save money.

Flight tickets

Travelers who book flights from higher-income countries pay more money than those from less developed countries. Changing your location to a country that has a low level of economic development makes airlines to reduce their rates significantly.

You can also set your geographical area as the airline’s country of origin to get the full advantage. For instance, if you intend to use Emirates, choose a place like the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

Hotel booking

The system used in hotel reservation allows the hotel to access your data and optimize their services for you. The hotel offers cheaper rooms to users who book from low-income countries. Hotels also have better prices for locals. So, you may find lots of discounts when dealing with high-end luxury hotels by altering your IP address.

Car hires

Hiring cars is necessary for making trips or moving items to other destinations. There are lots of costs involved in tours, and it is vital to lower budgets where possible. There are various taxes and insurance costs for rental cars operating within a specific location. An IP alteration helps you find the best prices for luxury car brands.

Software subscriptions

Many applications have exclusive features for subscribed members. Software manufacturing companies offer different regional prices to users. Once you download a VPN, it is easier to obtain the lowest rates for unlocking the features of particular software. You can thus enjoy full membership even when you can’t afford the prices in your country.

Online shopping

Retailers adjust their prices depending on the location from which the user is browsing their website.  You might have noticed a foreign e-commerce site displaying your country’s currency on its products. They pay attention to your IP address and prioritize in showing you the prices they think you might like. A VPN blocks this kind of targeted pricing since your Internet traffic passes through a different server.

Streaming services

Production companies like Netflix usually personalize the web experiences of their users. Netflix costs for the various subscription packages vary by country. Aside from getting lower charges, VPN users can also stream TV productions that are only available in specific countries. VPNs help in saving on the costs of going to the cinema and buying expensive DVDs.

Internet gaming

A VPN is an essential tool for online gamers. It allows you to bypass the bans in geo-blocked games. You can access new releases that are only available to specific users. As a gamer, you can save on game purchases by modifying your server location. Your only requirement is some knowledge of countries where video games are cheaper.

Unlimited bandwidth

Heavy Internet users have a chance to get more MBs by circumventing the set limits of their Internet Service Providers. With a reliable VPN that has this feature, you can continue to surf the web and complete your downloads without renewing data subscriptions. Such freedom may be available only to premium VPN users. However, it is more cost-effective than daily, weekly, or monthly data renewals.

If you use a trusted VPN, then all prying eyes won’t have your real information. To experience affordable costs for all your favorite products and services, you need to install a VPN that features a wide variety of locations. You only need to do some research on the prices and switch to your preferred location.