A Guide about Painting the Room and Selection of Color When Selling the House

Painting the Room

At some point in your life, you might be thinking to sell your house. Before you start to bring the potential buyers inside your house, you should enhance the look of your house for adding more value to your property. One of the best ways to increase the value of your house is by painting it with attractive and trendy colors. This approach will help you to demand a good amount for your property when selling it. Furthermore, you also need to make the list of all the fixes that need to be done to upgrade the look of your house.

Why Painting is Necessary before Selling?

Painting is very important to sell your house because it will help you for attracting more customers to your house. Painting your house will make it attractive and add more value to your property. To paint your house with nice colors get in touch with local painting company for the satisfactory results.The skilled crew will do the painting using the right equipment and techniques.

Following are the questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Did you hang any pictures on the wall with nails?
  • Are your walls having hole or patches that are not fixed or painted?
  • Do the walls of your houses having more than one color?
  • Does your house wall have writing on it?
  • Are you having an accent wall or murals in your house?
  • Have you spent more than 5 years in your house?

If your answer is yes for any of the above questions, then you should paint your house. The condition mentioned above will definitely affect the look of your house. So before selling, you needs to fix all the problems and paint your house with trendy colors to increase the value.

In the following guide, we will be looking at the room that need to be painted, color to select for painting the room, and the value that will be added through painting when selling your property. Let’s get started:

Kick Start the Project

As mentioned above you should make the list of all things that need to be done to remember them easily. Next, you need to look at the lighting condition in every room and room functions. The trends regarding color are constantly changing so you need to stay updated about the trends in the market. If you are planning to paint your commercial property, then hire the experience company to avail the commercial painting contractors.

You should also pay attention to the type of home you are living in and who will be your potential buyers. The reason is, house for a buyer having a family and children will have a different approach as compared to a person who is young or single when buying your property.

Best Paint Color to Pick When Selling House

Most of the people think that the best color to pick when selling the house is white. But unfortunately, that’s not the case because now trends are changing. Following are the colors that will work best for the different parts of your house when selling your house:

Bedroom Color

A bedroom is one of the important parts of your house. To enhance the curb appeal of your room, you should try pairing blue color with white baseboards. You can also use natural woods for an added appeal. According to statistics, the room that is having a matte soft cerulean get an increase of $1,850 in a value of the house.

Kitchen Colors

White kitchen color looks good but they will not last long. You need to work hard to keep it clean. According to an estimate, the use of gray-blues on the wall of your kitchen will increase the value up to $1800 or more.

Don’t just use this color on the walls. The home having accent colored cabinets like navy and red will sell faster and give you more money as compared to those who are without these specs.

Living Room Colors

It is one of the areas of the house where people or guest send some quality time. The light and color in this room should be best as it will be attracting the attention of the buyer. You should select the colors like light beiges and gray-brown to make the room cozy and welcoming. These colors will help you to increase the value of your house up to $2000-$2200.

To get a comfortable look, you can choose an accent the beige with white fireplace and baseboard. For adding further feel you can add natural wood as well. Furthermore, to paint your residential property nicely, contact experienced companies to avail the residential painting services to get the job done on time.

Dining Room Color

For your dining room, the gray side of blue is the best option to choose. This color provides a formal and give a great look to space. With this color, you can add an amount of $1,900 in your house value. Furthermore, the baseboard and furnishing will contrast well with the paint color.

Exterior House Color

The exterior of your house is very important because this is the first thing that a buyer will see. You need to pick a trendy and attractive color to impress your buyer. For exterior Greige or combination of beige and gray will be a good option. This addition will increase the value of your house up to $3,450.

Bathroom Color

Most of the people think that blue color is for a kitchen but a house with blue bathroom sells for $5,450 more than the expected price. You should definitely go for the option to add more value to your house.

Front Door Color

Painting your front door with striking color will definitely increase the overall price of your property. You can get an increase of $1500. Go for the color like navy blue or other bold colors that complement the overall style of your house.

Hope this guide will help you out in selecting the right color for your house when selling it. Planning to paint your commercial or residential property? You should hire a Cape Cod Painters to get the painting job done right through expert painters.