A Guide To Choosing The Best Drain For Your Shower


If you have finally decided to remove that old bathtub and install a digital shower, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as more and more UK homeowners opt for a water and energy saving solution. Aside from choosing the digital shower unit and the screens, there are a number of different drainage types, and with that in mind, here is a brief rundown of the various types of drainage boxes you can use with your new shower unit.

The Point Drain

This is the most common type of drainage system for a shower unit, where the water drains away through a hole that is located in the centre of the floor base, and all sides slope inwards to ensure that all the water drains away. Look for a unit that has a square drain grate, which makes it easier to cut ceramic tiles around the grate.

Whenever there are problems, there is a quality unblocking service for blocked drains Havant residents can get from 24/7 Drainage Solutions. They incorporate technology into their work, and no matter where the blockage is, they will quickly find it and carry out effective repairs.

The Linear Drain

A linear drain is long and narrow, and design wise, you are less likely to suffer a blockage. The narrow drainage channel usually runs along the rear edge of the floor unit, and with removeable grates, it is much easier to clean. Linear drains come in a wide range of sizes, and can be as long as 72 inches, although a domestic bathroom would never require more than 1 metre. Your local plumber can easily install a linear drain, and with the shower floor sloping towards the grate, the water can easily drain away.

Shower Blockages

Obviously, it is important to stop things like soap residue and human hair from clogging up the shower drain, so make sure the drainage has a suitable grate to collect such things. In the event you do suffer from blocked drains, the hardest part is actually identifying the blockage location, which is just one reason to call in a drain unblocking expert, who would use CCTV to pinpoint the blockage and then take the required action to resolve the issue.

Stylish Designs

The stainless steel grates you can buy today have a wide range of attractive patterns, which allows you to choose something that matches the decor. When renovating a bathroom, you should consider the shower drainage during the design stage, then you make any plumbing adjustments that might be required. When shopping for a new shower, ask the salesperson about the different drain options, as there are quite a few, and with their expertise, you can select a shower base that is both efficient and stylish too.

Preventative Solutions

As far as blocked drains are concerned, there are things you can do to reduce the chances of a blockage, such as installing fine mesh grills over all waste water exit points. Never put food waste down the kitchen sink, rather create a compost corner in the garden, which will help to nourish your flowers and vegetables, and also avoid tipping cooking oil or fat down the sink, as this quickly congeals and will cause a blockage.

Have your pick at any of the drainage units mentioned above that best suits your shower and head over to a reputable store or check out online shops.