Add Style and Value to Your First Home with these Top Renovation Ideas

home renovation

For many adults, their home is their castle. It can take years to save for a downpayment on a first property while ensuring that you have suitable levels of income to afford your monthly mortgage repayments. Once you have secured a first property, it is a major landmark in life, and you will undoubtedly be delighted to get onto the housing ladder. Months may have been spent searching for an ideal property that is within your budget and has the features and functionality that you desire. The final stage of bidding for the home can be an exhilarating process as you hope that your offer will be accepted. After you have settled into life in your new home, you will probably begin to have some home improvement ideas. Your first home is unlikely to be your last, but you will want to undertake some tasteful upgrades that add a personal touch and ideally add value to the property. In this article, some superb renovation ideas will be explored. Each of these is ideal to undertake on your first home and will make the property more stylish whilst potentially increasing the resale value.

Upgrade the exterior of your property

When many people think of home improvements, they often neglect to consider the exterior of their property. Consider that this part of your home forms an important part of the overall “curb appeal” of your house. Put simply, this is the first impression that potential buyers make when they pull up to your property and see the exterior and the land that surrounds the home. Improving the curb appeal of your home is vital when you come to sell the property, as it can make a profound impression on visitors. Start by looking at the exterior of your home. If the brickwork is showing signs of age, it can be highly beneficial to install engineered wood siding to the exterior. This material is extremely durable and weather-resistant and can dramatically improve the overall look of your property. It is also a relatively budget-friendly option when compared to other siding materials, such as fiber cement siding, as it tends to be around 10% cheaper to install. In addition to the exterior of your home, start to focus on your garden areas. Landscaping your lawn and adding an interesting stone pathway can improve the look of your green spaces. You may also consider adding a decked area, which can become the basis for an outdoor dining space, allowing you to enjoy al fresco dining in the warmer summer months.

Enjoy a spa experience at home

Millions of adults will have experienced the relaxation that comes from visiting a professional spa. This can be an ideal treat to allow you to relax and unwind after a hard week at work. Consider that you can enjoy a true spa experience in the comfort of your own home by making some subtle modifications to your bathroom. Start by adding some water jets to your bath or shower. This simple upgrade can dramatically improve your enjoyment of a bath or shower as the water jets massage your muscles as you wash, allowing you to completely unwind. Add some indoor plants to your bathroom for an authentic spa environment. Ferns such as aloe vera are ideal as they thrive in warm and moist conditions and can also be used to treat small cuts and skin irritations. Finally, consider adding a voice-operated smart speaker. This can allow you to stream your favorite relaxing music as you enjoy a long hot soak, elevating the overall experience at bathtime.

For fitness fans

Finally, if you are a self-confessed fitness fanatic, you may already have a membership at your local gym and have a weekly exercise routine. However, many people find that they do not have enough free time to attend a gym. Memberships can be expensive, and after a hard day at work, you may simply wish to relax at home. You can motivate yourself to work out more regularly by creating a small gym at home. Your garage may be the ideal room to make this conversion as garages typically have a strong concrete floor (which is ideal for heavy gym equipment) and any cars can often be parked in the driveway or on the street. Start by cleaning out the space, adding additional lighting, and putting down some exercise mats. Invest in a few pieces of essential gym equipment that are high quality and built to last for many years. Keep the overall design free of clutter and minimalist so you can focus on your workout. You may consider adding in a wall-mounted TV or a smart speaker to provide entertainment options as you exercise.