All That You Wanted To Know About Tipper Trucks


You must have heard about tipper trucks and wondered what is so special about these trucks. You might be curious to know how this truck is different from the normal trucks. Today let us check the details about the tipper truck.

Understanding The Use Of Tipper Trucks:

The tipper truck is also known as the dump truck. It has an open box bed. This is hinged on the rear end. It has hydraulic rams that will lift the front of the open box bed. These trucks are mainly used for the transportation of construction material like gravel, sand etc. The hydraulic ram will lift the open bed and the material is deposited or dumped on the ground.

If you are into construction business then you will need this type of truck. If you want to buy tata tipper trucks in Udaipur then you need to look out for a good dealer in Udaipur who will provide the best services.

Different Types Of Tipper Trucks:

There are different types of tipper trucks. The standard dump truck will have the body fitted on a frame. Then there are semi-trailer end trucks which you can say is a combination of tractor and trailer. The transfer dump truck will have a separate trailer and it will also have a cargo container. The one with a trailing axel is called as a superdump truck. If you need to put the material in a window or in a linear form then you can make use of semi-trailer bottom dump truck. There are also options of double and triple bottom trailer dump trucks. In slide dump trucks there are 3 axel tractors and 2 axel semi trailers. Other options include off-highway dump trucks, roll off trucks, haul truck etc.

Understanding The General Working Of A Tipper Truck:

These trucks will normally have overhead hoppers. The material will be loaded from here. When the truck has to be unloaded at the destination then the back of the truck is tipped. All the material that is loaded in the truck will get off-loaded. The hydraulic rams are used to raise the front of the body. Oil is used to operate these rams. There may be a separate diesel engine for the rams or the oil from the main engine is used.

The different types of tipper trucks will have different features. You need to first understand your exact requirement and then select the truck accordingly. As for the company in India from where you can get the best tipper trucks your search ends with Tata.

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