How to Apply Simple Every Day Makeup

Every Day Makeup

Going for a party or going to office daily needs at least a minimal makeup because it is important to be presentable when one is making a public preference. Just like people choose dresses, attires and accessories depending on where they are going, they put up makeup depending on the occasion. The professional makeup is different than of a makeup that one will do before going to a party. Again it will be a lot more different when one is going to a wedding party.

If one is not so good with their makeup skills, they can easily take Hindi makeup tips from a beauty magazine or the online makeup sites.

But here are some simple hacks given which one should follow when they are doing makeup.

  • If you have dark circles, then you should hide them because; if your dark circles show post makeup, then it will not look good. You need to apply a moisturiser with SPF on that area and then apply concealer on the under eye circles or on the blemishes. Always take a concealer which has a cream base and it has to match with your skin tone. Take a concealer brush and mix it evenly on your skin. You can also use your finger to blend it properly.
  • To get a perfect even skin one has to use a base foundation stick. Apply it on your cheekbones, sides of your nose and brows and then use your fingers to blend it perfectly all over your face. Until and unless you use a proper base, your skin will not look even. If the base is not right, the entire makeup falls apart.
  • Using a blush is a must if you are going out in the evening. Go for a cream blush as it gets you a glowing effect from within. Try to apply them on the apples of your cheeks and then blend it up with your fingers. But in monsoon, do not go for cream blushes. Go for powder blushes instead.
  • Eye makeup is very important as it highlights your entire face. Go for a basic kajal and a thin line of eye liner when you are going out in the morning. In the evening you can team it up with an eye shadow. A cream eye shadow is good for you except in monsoon when you can go for powdered ones. Take shimmery ones when you are going to a grand wedding but choose light evening colours if it is a simple get together or a dinner date. You can also use a mascara to make your eye lashes look longer and prominent. Remember; when you are using a mascara do not use more than two coats of it. You can also use a lash curler if your eye lashes are too small.
  • If your lips are dried and chapped then first apply a nude moisturised lip balm on it. Let it sink well for 5 minutes and then you can apply a lip colour on it.

Ladies make up tips in Hindi is easily available on beauty sites.