Bangkok Nightlife What to do in Bangkok at Night!


The Entertainment Capital of South East Asia, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Through its beautiful layout and innumerable water canals, it has earned itself a name which is “The Venice of the East”. Thai people call it – Krung Thep which roughly translates to “The City of Angels”.

Being the only cosmopolitan city of Thailand, this acts as the commercial capital of “The Land of Smiles”. Situated on the delta formed by the river Chao Phraya, Bangkok is known for its provision for entertainment throughout the day. Morning or Night, Bangkok is always on its toes. In addition to this, Bangkok also represents what Thailand Culturally stands for as well. With its spectacular Temples, Grand Palaces and Museums, one can definitely see the growth of Thailand to what it is today!

Whatever said, Bangkok’s main crowd-puller is its vibrant and lively Nightlife!

Let us have a look at some of the places and activities which sums up to the name – Best Nightlife in Bangkok

Night Markets

The very concept of shopping is exciting, added on top of that if it is night markets; it’s even more thrilling. Isn’t it? There is so much to see and experience in Bangkok that one cannot fit in all the itinerary before sunset! And given shopping is one of the compulsory itineraries on one’s bucket list, it’s very tough to prioritize. Night Markets were set to make shopping easier and more convenient and this has now become one of the hallmarks of Tourism in Thailand itself.

One of the Best Nightlife in Bangkok itinerary, there are markets set up across large masses of lands, offering a wide range of experiences. From spectacular view to aroma or the best-cooked street food you have it all. People come here especially for the food.

There are so many famous night markets and newer ones are taking root consistently. Some of the beast which should not be missed from your Bangkok Nightlife itinerary are,

  1. The mall come night bazaar along the river – The Asiatique (Timings: 4pm to Midnight)
  2. The Urbane looking Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market (Timings: 11am to 11pm)
  3. The authentic night markets of Chatuchak (Timings: 6pm to Midnight)
  4. The Bustling Khaosan Road (Timings: 6pm to 3am)
  5. The trendy Artbox Bangkok (Timings: 4pm to 12am)

Night Clubs: 

Thailand is known for adult entertainment. And Bangkok being its capital, definitely reflects this aspect. Bangkok also is a home for many options of entertainment. From elegant rooftop bars to typical red-light areas, Bangkok has it all.

Thailand has There is no one judging you here. Just live your life out. Let down your hair and be your wildest self! Listen to some of the sassy and electrifying live Concerts and live the moment to the max! Go out there and experience for yourself, some of the best Bangkok Nightlife Areas.

  1. The infamous Redlight District – Patong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, etc.
  2. Dance Arenas like Onyx, Insanity, Levels Club and Lounge, Beam and many more
  3. Jazz Bars such as The Glaz Bar, Diplomat, The Living room, Brown Sugar, etc.

Dinner Cruise: 

Every vacation should have an itinerary which can be done leisurely. An ideal way of spending some relaxed and quality time with your loved ones is this River Cruise. A Cruise with a sumptuous dinner along the Major River Chao Phraya sounds incredible and is a perfect date plan.

Bangkok flourished along the Chao Phraya River and hence you will be able to see all the most famous iconic places along this historic river. Seeing them in the morning is beautiful, but seeing them in all their glory in the night with all the lighting is an experience in itself.

Along with mouth-watering Thai Cuisine, you will be able to go on a city tour floating your way through.

Usually the cruise takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. You will be able to see The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Rama Bridge and many more such historical places. The most famous among the Night Cruises are Apsara by Banyan Tree, Horizon by Shangri La, The Grand Pearl, Wan Fah Dinner Cruise, and many others.

Live Entertainment Shows:

Bangkok leaves no stone unturned to entertain their tourists and provide them with the best of everything. Given its well-known cultural richness, Bangkok hosts a number of live cultural shows in some of the most beautifully set venues. They showcase Thai Martial arts to Cabaret shows. The hard work and planning put into these shows are unparalleled.

Muay Thai also known as Thai Boxing is one of Thailand’s traditional Martial art forms. It’s an aggressive showcase of fighting and at some places Thai Boxing fights also take place. However, there are also theatrical showcases which are less aggressive at places like The Asiatique.

Another best known cultural showcase is The Cabaret Shows. They are world-famous. Performed by Ladyboys, these cabaret shows are set against gigantic sets and are performed for mesmerizing live music. Their beauty is so attractive that even ladies are seen going and asking for makeup tips from the ladyboys. Some of the most famous cabaret shows are – Siam Niramit and The Calypso Cabaret shows.

Don’t ever miss these on your Bangkok Nightlife Itinerary!

Rooftop Restaurants: 

Being the cosmopolitan city of Thailand, Bangkok is an abode of many skyscrapers. Beautiful architectures combined with amazing restaurants on many of their floors.

Amazing food with equally amazing view if among the favorites of tourists Bangkok Nightlife bucket list.

These restaurants along with exquisite facilities have a 360-degree panoramic view of the starry city below. The time where the whole city will be lit post-sunset is definitely a vision not to be missed, especially if it is coupled with delicious cocktails.

Please note: Some of the places will have a strict dress code where sports shoes, slippers, and shorts are not allowed. Please be mindful before going to such places so that you don’t have to miss out on this mesmerizing experience.

Some of the most famous SkyBars of Bangkok are –

  1. Sky Bar at Lebua
  2. Octave Rooftop Bar by Marriott
  3. Moon Bar by The Banyan Tree
  4. Park Society, Cloud 9, etc.

This pretty much sums up all that you can do post sun sets in Bangkok. Nightlife in Bangkok is a must-experience part of its tourism check-list as well. Hope the above pointers helped you. Just prepare your checklist and get going. Do check out the Bangkok Tour guide if you are planning a trip.


Bon Voyage!