Be a Tourist in Your Own Country


Travelling to somewhat exciting and an undiscovered place, by our very soul, is just the best break a person can have from their life’s monotonous routine. We await weekends and vacations to spend some quality time with our families. But we plan for both of these differently.

Whenever long weekends arrive we travel to the magical mountains and break free at the hill stations of Mussoorie, Manali, Lansdowne etc. for those days we become one with nature and live in a real jungle far from the human created concrete one. But when the much-awaited vacation knocks on our door, we simply pack our bags and fly away to the widely popular countries of the world and mold ourselves according to their culture and live the moments we never experienced in India.

It all seems to be exciting, isn’t it? And sometimes it feels cheaper too! Many people claim to have booked tickets and, in fact, whole tours through the travel aggregators such as Expedia and Clear Trip. Many travelers have had properly used the numerous ClearTrip coupons, Expedia Coupons, Expedia Offers etc. And saved themselves some extra bucks.

But in these trips to the already known places, we forget what hidden elements our own city, our own country holds!

Before planning to leave to a nation we have never been to, we must first be a tourist in our own city and plan to visit places we have never been to, meet people we have never been introduced to and live a life we have never lived!

Apart from any other country in the whole wide world I, or in fact every other traveler in the world, consider India to be an enthralling country to explore. It holds rich heritage and an interesting intertwined ancient history that still fascinates our very soul. But when it comes to exploring it, we usually spend our time visiting the widely popular Agrasen is Baoli, Majnu ka Tila, India Gate etc. we have never even noticed, or rather considered, that there is more to Delhi than all of these. I mean, they are important and should surely be visited but there are more places in Delhi to visit. Not everyone is aware of the existence of the Kathputli colony, in Shadipur, where still live the puppet masters who keep alive this ancient form of entertainment. Kathputli isn’t the only place worth visiting, there’s Hijron Ka Khanqah -a sacred place where eunuchs of the Lodi Dynasty were buried, Sanjay Van -a lush forest near Mehrauli, Delhi War Cemetery -where lay the British, Indian and Dutch martyrs, and Santushti Shopping Complex -a posh complex run by Air Force Wives Association, to name a few.

Just because these places never experienced and were rarely included in the travel advertisements, we have been oblivious to if these places even exist. I really appreciate the stance taken by the travel aggregators of India to help the citizens, with the zeal to explore their country, be a tourist in their own nation. One can find these places and numerous others mentioned in popular travel websites like MakeMyTrip, ClearTrip, and Expedia. If you plan to travel to a different city domestically, then you might even get lucrative ClearTrip Coupons and Expedia Coupons that will help you save more money than what ClearTrip and Expedia offers for international trips.

Before being a tourist to other countries lets be a tourist to our own nation!