The Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces can range from a cement patio ideal for a café table and two chairs to a full outdoor kitchen or custom in-ground swimming pool with a luxury cabana. Adding an outdoor living space to your home has multiple benefits, including the ability to help increase the overall value of the property when it comes time to put the home for sale.

Extends the House without an Addition

According to the Cost Vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a family room addition costs approximately $89,000. An outdoor living space offers a different type of addition to the home, an extension with a smaller price tag and open area ideal for your unique design concept. The outdoor living space can be created to fit almost any budget and size constraints. Living space designs for the backyard may include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Wooden or composite decking perfect for seating and grilling space
  • Brick, tile, stone, and cement patios with water features
  • Designated seating areas with weather-resistant furniture
  • Backyard home theaters
  • Outdoor kitchens with space for a sit-down dining area

An outdoor living space that’s furnished, attractively landscaped, and that includes proper lighting provides a great place to entertain or spend time with the family.

Benefits to Health

Time spent outdoors has many health benefits. According to the Harvard Medical School, spending time outdoors improves mood and even increases vitamin D levels thanks to sunlight. Vitamin D has the potential to help “fight certain conditions, from osteoporosis and cancer to depression and heart attacks.” An outdoor living space on your own property makes it more likely family members will get up and away from the television and electronic devices. It provides a safe and easy-to-use space for games and activities, something all members of the home can enjoy. Harvard also states that, “physical activity has been shown to help people relax and cheer up.”

Place to Showcase Personal Style

The outdoor living space is ideal for showcasing your personal style. Maybe you’re inspired by a trip oversees and have the desire to create your own personal zen garden. Evoking peace and beauty, it’s a way to establish a tranquil retreat only steps from your main living space. For families who enjoy entertaining, a gourmet outdoor kitchen makes it easy to prepare and serve guests with ease while enjoying the outdoors. Consider installing a sink, expansive counter for meal prep, and even a pizza oven for weekend parties.

Increase Value to the Home

Just like finishing the basement, adding another bathroom, or updating a kitchen with the latest technology and high-end amenities, a well-designed outdoor living space adds value to the home. When it’s time place the home on the market, potential buyers typically prefer a property with updated and attractive landscaping as well as a functional, yet beautiful outdoor living space. Certain outdoor finishes add specific value to the home. The Cost Vs. Value Report reveals a wood deck addition to an outdoor living space can have a resale value of approximately $7,600, while a composite deck adds $11,252.

Value added to the home by an outdoor living space will depend on the neighborhood and comparable sales. It also will vary greatly depending on the type of space created—an outdoor gourmet kitchen or custom swimming pool may add more value than a paved patio with retaining wall. In the end, it’s most important to create the outdoor living space that best serves your household’s lifestyle and needs.