Best Party Destinations in Australia


No matter what country you go to, you will most definitely do a small tour of all the most important landmarks that that country has to offer and spend the nights trying to find the best clubs to go out and have a couple of drinks. This is always one of the most important parts of going on a trip – we all love to see how foreigners party and what kind of parties they actually like to throw. One of the most popular touristic destinations right now is Australia, with more and more people opting to travel long distances to see the Land Down Under. Of course, the reasons for visiting Australia are many, starting from the interesting landmarks, to spending the night in the bush or simply doing a road trip alongside the Great Ocean Road. But regardless of your choice, you will have a night out there, and in case you are about to do that, it would be good to know where to go and what to do:


One of the hottest places in Australia that you simply have to visit is Melbourne. This is, without a doubt, the place where you can find literally any kind of party that you want. In the sea of fine food, bars with live music, and amazing places for raving, Melbourne is the party pearl of Australia. However, if you want a complete experience, then you must head to one of the beach parties in Melbs. Apart from many parties that are being organized on the actual beach, you can head to a beach club or venues, such as The Night Cat or the Spice Market.


Once you happen to be in Australia, you simply have to visit the most popular city there, right? So, what should you do once you find yourself in Sydney? First of all, allocate one day to visit all the landmarks such as the Opera Sydney House, the waterfront restaurants and similar, but use the second day to party like crazy there! Visit the regular huge clubs such as The Junction, which is one of the hottest clubs in Sydney right now. But for a completely different experience, you can hit a strip club in Sydney and see for yourself that this is a whole new experience and feeling. This is one of the most popular places for bachelor parties, and there’s definitely a good reason for that. 

Byron Bay

Sure, the beaches in Australia are mind-blowingly beautiful, but have you seen Byron Bay? This is a small town that is very popular because of its surfing spots and beaches. The difference between Byron Bay and other surfer towns is the fact that BB is known for its alternative and hipster vibes that make every young person fall in love with it. What Mykonos is for the Greek islands, that’s Byron Bay for Australia. Start with the Treehouse on Belongil if you want to dance to some good live music, or hit Cheeky Monkey if you’re into dancing on the tables. 

Gold Coast

If you happen to be near Queensland, then you simply have to visit the Gold Coast and see what the party life is like there. Surfer’s Paradise is the beach where you want to be. Also known as The Beery, this is a place that plays all the biggest old-style R’n’B hits that you most definitely know, and you will be able to drink and dance as much as you want. Of course, if you want something fancier, you will be able to find great clubs such as Sin City or Cocktails. Bear in mind that all of these places are amazing, especially if you’re into the music they play. For this reason, it might be impossible for you to hit more than one club at a time!


It seems that we are constantly talking about places where you can drink and dance away, but what’s the place for all the hippies, hipsters, or people who prefer something cozier and quieter but still amazing in its own way? Nimbin is the ultimate hippie place in Australia, so if you’re into that kind of lifestyle, you should definitely see what it has to offer. If you’re planning your trip to Australia depending on the events in Nimbin, then book your tickets for the end of February or the beginning of March as this is the time when Mardi Gras, an enormous Carnival celebration, takes place in Australia. The streets are filled with colors, costumes, parties, and drums. A true heaven for everyone who’s into something alternative but still quite cool.

Australia is not only animals, bush, and kangaroos. This country is so much more, and it is indeed the best of both worlds. It has landscapes and beautiful sights to offer, but it is also an amazing place to go and party until the sun comes out.