Best Types of Card Holders That Won’t Bulge Your Pockets

Card Holder

A card holder looks magnificent and it makes it easy to carry all our essential cards in an organised manner. With Cardholders, you make your life much easier and lighter. There are varieties of card holder wallet present in the market, so it isn’t easy to know which one is best for you.

How to Choose the Right Card Holder

There are lots of things to unravel to choose a perfect card for you. It’s important to check the leather material and durability test before selecting a card holder. A card holder is too small as compared to wallets that’s why it takes less space and keeps all things organised. Also, you can’t get jumbled with your cash and card with the ease of card holder. Here are some types of card holders that won’t bulge your pockets.

  • Bi- Fold Leather Card Holder: The bifold leather card holder comes with a soft leather material with a RFID Protected Layer. RFID Protected layer is blocking technology to protect your cards from unwarranted scanning. This card comes with the right amount of card slots in which you can carry your cash, cards and ids. This Card holder is slim in design and easily fits in any type of pocket. This card holder is not too bulky and the rounded corners make it adjustable without any hassle.
  • Slim Pocket Card Holder: The slim pocket cardholder has a slim front pocket fit and efficiently performs the function. This card has a push-through aperture arrow that allows quick access to your primary card. This card is very slim and fits anywhere in your pocket. The front layer of the card holder is too thin, so you can carry the phone and card holder in the same pocket. There is one disadvantage with this card; you can carry more cards and less cash.
  • Credit Card Wallet: This is an incredibly versatile card holder. You can carry your cards, cash, documents and ID’s in the same card holder. This card holder expands quickly if you want to add more cards in this card wallet.
  • Stainless Steel Card Holder: This is another fashionable and stylish card holder that grabs the attention of many of us. This card holder is made with stainless steel material, so it’s strong, waterproof and compact. Apart from that, this card holder has a safety lock feature that can save your valuable element. If you go with this card holder, be aware that all metal card holders have the potential to damage other items if you keep them in the same pocket.

Things to look in your Card Holder

It’s important to check the quality material of the cardholder for long-lasting durability while you are purchasing it. You can choose the number of slots according to your daily requirements. Also, you can find the latest style design card holder for yourself, and there is a variety of designs and styles available in the market. The style factors also depend on your daily wardrobe. If you like to wear jeans most of the days, you can consider denim colour style card holders, otherwise you can consider black and brown Colours. Black and Brown are classic and luxurious colours that can fit on your versatile clothes.


These tips help you to find the perfect card holder wallet for yourself. Before selecting any type of card holder for yourself, you can check the material and durability of the product. The card holders keep all your cards well organised without any kind of jumbled. So, It’s time to say goodbye to an old bulky wallet full of garbage. You can replace it with a new card holder wallet.