How to Build a Luxury Outdoor Oasis in Your Backyard


The trend toward fashionable outdoor living is only expected to grow stronger over time. More and more homeowners deem a beautiful outdoor space necessary for the creative lifestyle they desire.

Indeed, a luxurious outdoor oasis in your backyard will provide you long-lasting enjoyment in the comfort of your home. It’s worth pointing out as well that it can improve the utility and the value of the property.

If you’re looking to rekindle joy at home, transforming your backyard into a hub of relaxation and fun activity is a splendid idea. With this property makeover, it will be a breeze to encourage members of the family to stay at home more often so you can have quality time together.

Likewise, you can save some money and better ensure the safety of your loved ones because your home is certainly a cheaper and safer place to be than commercial locations.

Outdoor Space Ideas

There are many ways to turn your outdoor space into a lovely haven for your family and friends. The clever use of space can allow you to seamlessly extend your living spaces into outdoor areas where possible. According to a survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens, the most popular projects to make outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining are:

–       Decks and patios

–       Outdoor kitchens

–       Outdoor living areas

–       Low maintenance exteriors

If you want the final result to look absolutely flawless, going the DIY route on these home improvement projects is certainly out of the question. It’s best to remember these words of wisdom from experienced home designers: “Hire a professional for anything that you wouldn’t want to pay for twice.”

Also know that even if you’re hiring professionals, you’re allowed to have a hand in the project – after all, it’s your satisfaction that needs to be met.

How to Tackle the Project

If you want your luxurious outdoor oasis to be a reflection of your personal style and meet your practical requirements, here’s what you should do.

Establish a clear idea of the finished space.

Make sure that the final image is not only in your head; it should also be on paper. Sit down with your builder and landscaper to create that final image that will serve as the reference for how work will be carried out.

Decide how you’ll use your backyard.

Will it be a gathering space for your family and friends, a quiet nook for your daily prayer and reflection, an al fresco dining room, a play area, or all of the above? List all the activities that you wish for the space to be used for to ensure functionality.

Identify potential setbacks.

It’s imperative to spot areas of concern. Say, there’s vegetation or some other structure in your backyard that needs to be cleared, or there’s a lot of unevenness with the surface; you better plan carefully how to tackle it, then.

Addressing setbacks first will help tremendously in ensuring a smooth process.

Set your budget.

With a set budget, it’ll be easier to work out which aspects of the project to save or splurge on. This will likewise allow you and your team to think more creatively in terms of materials and methods in order to effectively work with the amount of money you’re willing to use for the job.

Find the best source of materials.

Your local home depot may provide most of the things you need for the project, but if you have a unique style, it will help to consider other sources. A lot of people score great finds for their lovely outdoor space from yard sales, flea markets, online, relatives who have a collection of knick knacks and old furniture that can be repurposed or upcycled, and even local junkyards.

Turning your backyard into a place of beauty and function requires a strong vision. Otherwise, it will be difficult to decide what it should be like once you commence work. So, think ahead and plan thoroughly with your builder and landscaper. This is the best way to ensure the flawless completion of the task.


Robert Allam is the Finance and Sales Manager for Trendsetter Homes. Through his journey from being a Sales Consultant then Office Manager, to assuming his current role, Robert has seen the company grow and has guided many clients through the process of developing their dream of a unique luxury home.