You Can Repair Your Broken Relationship with These Tips


If your relationship is suffering right now, the following factors will help you determine whether it can be saved or if it is time for you to move on.

Length of Time Since Breakup

Although you see romantic stories of couples reunited after years of being apart, that is rarely the case. While it does occur from time to time, most relationships cannot be successfully rekindled after that kind of separation. Within the first three months after a breakup, it is much easier to regain and retain the attention of your ex. Longer than that, and you are looking at an uphill battle.

Length of Relationship

It is much easier to rebuild a relationship that lasted for a significant length of time. Although your ex might be rebounding right now, if the two of you have a history of love and time together, it will be difficult for someone else to fill the void left in your ex’s life.

The Reasons Behind the Breakup

If the split occurred over a specific incident or action that you can use corrective measures to prevent in the future, you stand a better chance of rebuilding. Perhaps the two of you were really happy together but you had certain behaviors that your partner couldn’t live with. If that is the case, you have more hope than if you broke up due to cheating, abuse or differing life paths.

Emotional Intensity

Did the relationship between the two of you fade down, the two of you growing apart without even realizing it until it was over? Or, are the flames still hot, only on the side of anger and frustration at this point?

The emotional intensity in the latter scenario provides a much better ground for rebuilding a relationship than if the emotions are flat on either side. They say love and hate are the same thing seen through a different lens. If your ex still has a lot of emotional energy toward you, that can be used to reconnect. On the other hand, if your ex is apathetic and disinterested, it might be time to call a Houston divorce lawyer.

If you are still arguing, there is a better chance of repairing the relationship than if conversations are bland or non-existent.

Life Phases

In order for two people to live together, they need to be on the same path. If you both want the same things out of life and have a similar viewpoint for how to get there, you have a good chance of rekindling the fires. However, if one of you is ready to settle down and have kids while the other wants to go globetrotting, it is unlikely that you can find a happy medium.

Even if the two of you share a deep love for the other, incompatible life goals is definitely a deal breaker. Though it might be painful, it will hurt less than trying to hold on to something that will never work.

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