Choose An Major Manufacturing Brand For Laminate Flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring

You surely want your floor to have long lasting floors that too without spending too much money on either repairing or replacing it after every alternate year. So, when it comes to choosing a brand it is best to choose a major one at it. This may cost you a bit more initially but will prove to be cost effective and more productive down the line. Class indeed is a great thing.

In initial period, it was believed that plastic laminate flooring will be downgraded to a lower position when it was first introduced in the flooring hierarchy. It was also believed that it could do nothing else apart from simulating natural wood flooring. Over the few years, it was realized by the manufacturers that it is time to offer different styles, variety, texture and colors to the consumers to make this an obvious substitute. Thus, it is due to the inventive laminate manufacturers that today laminate flooring is installed in highest numbers.

So, when you choose a major brand you will have the best material that will not only look closer to wood or stone but will also have a greater wear resistance. This will also ensure that the material is crisper with high fidelity and also deeper embossing manifested to the original material. In a nutshell, the best laminate options are only provided by the major and dedicated flooring manufacturers.

The styles which are being followed in laminate flooring

Typically, there are two kinds of laminate flooring and thus when you choose a major brand for this purpose you will have to ensure the right and most suitable style is followed during the manufacturing process. Ideally, both these packages come in a snap-together design but there is a significant difference:

  • Engineered wood have real wood layers which are glued together in a perpendicular manner that provides it with better stability. The top layer is usually a thin layer of high-quality hardwood glazed with acrylic finish.
  • Plastic laminate is completely artificial and has a melamine bottom layer and a fiber board center that is resin saturated. The wood grain print on the top is protected with a clear layer of hard plastic.

Some other characteristic features of the two kinds of laminate flooring are as follows:

  • Engineered wood which provides the look of natural wood and is therefore bit costly
  • Plastic laminate, on the other hand, comes at half the price
  • The thin top layer of engineered hardwood makes it vulnerable to scratches, dents and staining however proper sanding and refinishing and can also rejuvenate it
  • Engineered laminate is long lasting than plastic laminate if you do not use it in water-prone and high-wear areas.

In addition to this, plastic laminate though less costly will withstand moisture, pet claws, sand infested flip flops and also in-line skates.

Choose the right company

Finally, when it comes to choosing the best company for laminate flooring to get the desired results it is better look for the features mentioned below to make the right choices-

  • Independently owned or otherwise, the company must provide a very wide variety of laminate flooring, make sure you settle for the best one
  • They should have proven track record and also satisfactory reviews of their previous customers
  • They must supply a varied and wide range of flooring products so that you can chose from it
  • All their staff must be well experienced, professionally trained and friendly and above all expert
  • They must provide the best solutions to suit your character and also meet your everyday needs
  • Last but not the least; you should go for certified and insured companies for better workmanship and product and service guarantee.

So, remember, flooring whether, laminate or vinyl, is in fact a huge investment and so a little bit of time should be dedicated for research. This will ensure that you have high ROI and complete peace of mind. Major manufacturers will rely on their customers’ word of mouth advertising and so will never compromise with their service and product quality at any cost.