Common Drain And Sewer Problems And How To Solve Them


Ask any homeowner about their biggest fears and blocked drains will certainly be high on their list, and for good reason, as this can be more than a little inconvenient. If you are new to home ownership, here are a few common drain and sewer problems, along with possible solutions.

1. Collapsed Sewer Pipe – This can be caused by ground movement, or invasive tree roots that can cause the side of a drainage pipe to collapse. This could cause a partial or complete blockage, and with a drain clearing specialist, you can view the damaged section from a CCTV camera, which really does help. Pipe relining can be carried out by the experts, and this is a very cost-effective way to solve the problem, as there is no need to excavate and replace the damaged sections of the pipe. The new pipe lining is sent down the sewer to the right location, then it is inflated, and after allowing time for it to cure, you have a new pipe surface that is ready to use.

2. Drain Blockage – This could occur at any location within the drains, and one of the hardest parts about a drain blockage is actually pinpointing where the blockage is. The experts use CCTV technology to get a close-up view of the drains, which eliminates the need for destructive digging. You might be tempted to unblock the drain yourself, but chances are that you will just make matters worse, and the experts use things such as drain jetting, which involves firing a jet of high-pressure water down the drains, removing any residue that get built-up on the pipe surfaces.

3. Partial Drain Blockage – There are instances when a drain is partially blocked, which is often accompanied by a strange gurgling sound, as the waste water has to make a slight detour. One sure thing about a partial drain blockage is that it will eventually turn into a complete blockage, so you are advised to take action before it reaches that stage. Once the technician has cleared the blockage, he will send down a powerful jet of water, which thoroughly rinses the pipes, reducing the risk of further blockages occurring. Only specialist firms have the equipment needed to do this, and there is one company that covers the entire UK, and they can be contacted via an online search.

You may want to read more about how to unblock a partial drain blockage and make the home smell fresh. With just a quick Google search, you are bound to find some articles on the matter which are worth a read.

In the event you experience drain or sewer problems, rather than trying to sort it out yourself, you are advised to call in a professional drain cleaning service, who can quickly resolve the issue. Not only that, they can also inspect the entire system to give you a heads-up on the overall condition of your drains, and this can help you to make the right decisions regarding repair and maintenance. Some homeowners have their drains power cleaned every year, which really does minimise the risk of blockages, and it isn’t that expensive, which is something to consider.