DIY Indian Style Home Decoration Tips

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Are you someone who isn’t familiar with India or someone new to the country? Do you appreciate the Indian home decor style, which provides your residence with a more peaceful atmosphere, and do you wish to decorate your home? Also, you might be wondering things like, “How can I decorate my home in Indian style?” This tidbit of information on do-it-yourself india home decor is provided to assist individuals who are not of Indian descent or even individuals who are from India but require assistance.

Brighter light

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Rooms look better with more light. By selecting from the various available alternatives, you may make your home more inviting. Floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lights, chandeliers, and, most significantly, diyas each with their colour, size, and intensity can be vital. Supplemental lighting can illuminate walls, corners, artwork, statement pieces, well-thought-out details, and other accents. Highlight unused locations including stairwells, hallways, reading nooks, kitchen tables, and offices. Energy-efficient bulbs and tubes minimize costs, while regular cleaning maximizes both. In addition to using artificial lighting to accentuate your India home decor, you can also use hue and reflective materials to bring in more natural light.


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In addition to managing light, separating rooms, and giving privacy, curtains decorate windows and complete the decor. They have excellent decorative value and come in many colours, designs, fabrics, and materials, which may be chosen based on the room. If the room is neutral, choose drapes that match the furniture and other attractive features, and vice versa. The aesthetic you want—traditional, formal, or casual—will influence how long the curtains should be. Transparent curtains are popular but don’t provide privacy. If you’re adept at sewing, you can find some creative DIY curtain designs and construct your curtains cheaply.

Rearrange Furniture

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Colour is an excellent way to decorate a room. Having said that, painting an entire room may be a costly and time-consuming effort. Painting the furniture is an amazing alternate method that should be considered. This image displays how a vibrant yellow cupboard can make a world of difference in a bedroom that is otherwise all white.

Make a wall out of the greenery.

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Proper green wall installations can be costly, but there is a lot cheaper DIY version of the same concept that can take your home to the next level of cool. A green wall can be easily and affordably made by mounting a few planters on the wall or plywood and using wood planks to define the space between them. Light it up to make it stand out, and you can cover up that one wall.  

Furniture Refinishing

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A great way to decorate a room is to add colour to it. But painting a whole room can be pricey and take a lot of time. rather than moving the furniture, it would be smart to paint it. This picture shows how a bright yellow cupboard can completely change the look of a plain white bedroom.

Crafts on the walls

Crafts on the walls

Depending on the context, wallpaper can either blend into the background or steal the show. Rather than a sequence of repetitive patterns, wallpaper might take the form of a single large image that almost seems to leap off the wall.

Glare-free framed mirrors

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It’s not hard to find framed mirrors at a reasonable price, and they look fantastic just about anywhere, especially when accented with the appropriate lighting. Mirrors can also be utilized to reflect decorative items such as a gorgeous vase of flowers that is located on the other side of the room. 

Focus attention

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Focusing on one feature might reduce the amount of money spent on finishing a room. Because people’s eyes will be drawn to that wall or that area, it will detract from the rest of the room. For this reason, many contemporary homes designate the wall housing the television as the room’s primary visual emphasis on home decoration tips

Home Entrance

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Indian decor should include the main door. It must provide a good first impression as guests enter your home. Indian temples have dwarapala sculptures at the entrance door. Rangolis and fabric garlands embellish Indian flat doorways. The entryway will seem more artistic with paintings and a door frame. Using desi themes.

Reuse old objects

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Reusing discarded items can brighten your area. This is also a great way to recycle your most valuable items. Reusing old wooden ladders as storage shelves, crockery as plant holders, glass bottles as light fixtures, colourful calendar pages as photo frames, and more are fantastic ideas. DIYers are always thinking of ways to reuse materials for fashionable and useful home furnishings.

Change the covers on the cushions

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Changing the aesthetic of a room with new textiles is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. Pillowcases, tablecloths, and other home decor items can be given an authentic Indian feel by using reused sarees and dupattas.

Home decorations for the ceiling

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Adding eye-catching details in unexpected places, such as the ceiling or the headboard, might help you stand out. Hanging or attaching things to a ceiling is a terrific alternative to installing a fake ceiling, which can be costly. Lanterns, pendant lights, and jhoola are all great ways to make the most of the vertical space above you. 

Decorative rugs for the home

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Throwing an eye-catching rug on the floor is a quick way to decorate. Rugs offer warmth, freshness, comfort, and beauty to a room when chosen to match other aspects. The rug should fit the room and seat the furniture without taking up too much space. No matter the room’s size, place the rugs so they don’t float in the middle and are at least a few feet from the walls.

You now have some ideas for India house decor

Most of you are looking for india home decor tips or a guide to make your old home like new by changing its interior or decoration to make it feel like a better living place. But here the question starts with how I can DIY home decor. To answer this question here we have a small guide on decorating tips that shows what you can do to make your home more adorable and to make it more suitable for your journey you can look for a Vastu for home

There are many ways to do some things which we can only find through trial and error or by decorating and receiving feedback from your family or guests.