Exposed Aggregate- Everything You Need to Know About the Surface Construction Technique

Concrete plays a major role in making any construction durable, long lasting, and rigid. In earlier times, this material was mainly used for constructing the base or foundation of the structure. But, in the recent times, concrete is being used for home improvement and decoration. One of the main décors uses of concrete comes in the form of exposed aggregates.

What Are Exposed Aggregates?

Concrete is made from cement, sand, and gravels where different materials are added as aggregate and binding substance. Fine sand particles act as the aggregate while the coarser particles bind the cement and the sand. But, in the exposed aggregate, the top surface layer is exposed and no coating is applied. So, the coarser particles mixed in concrete can be visible.

This is why the surfaces having formed with exposed aggregates will have a rough texture on the outside. The best thing about these concrete surfaces is that they are available in different color and shades, which is why the surfaces become decorative and enhances the value of the property. You can use such concrete aggregate for your driveway and you can use your driveway for years without any additional maintenance cost.

How Having an Exposed Aggregate Will Benefit You?

Now, you must be wondering why go to extra lengths and lay an exposed aggregate surface when you can use other coatings?

Well, to be very honest, the exposed aggregate surfaces have a lot of benefits that most aren’t aware of. That’s why here we have pointed to some of the major perks of having the exposed concrete surface in your home.

1. Customizable option

One of the major benefits of having an exposed aggregate surface is the high degree of customization. You can not only choose from the coarser materials to be included in the mix but also you can apply different shades and colours on your driveway.

If you look at different properties having the exposed concrete surfaces, you will find that not all of them look the same. Some might have a greenish hue with blue and black colored coarser aggregates while others might have a pale white surface with multicolor large particles.

2. Complements the property design

Since the exposed aggregate surface can be customized and given a desired look, you will be able to design a structure that will complement your property. For example, if you have a beach style house with the white color being the dominant one in the entire property, you can choose a white exposed aggregate surface for complementing the property.

3. Highly durable and resilient

Since coarser particles are mixed with cement and sand, they act as an excellent binder. Moreover, since no smoothening coating is applied on the top surface layer, these coarser particles are exposed. Thanks to this, the concrete surfaces become highly durable and also resistant to damage, wear and tear, and harsh weather conditions. So you can use your concrete surfaces for years.

4. Can withstand high traffic

As the exposed aggregate surfaces are quite durable and rusty, you won’t have to worry about the top layer withering away under high traffic. In reality, the surfaces are so strong that they can resist weathering due to constant movements over the surface, and hence, they are mainly seen in the outdoor pavements.

5. Aesthetic and appealing décor option

Lastly, with the exposed aggregate surfaces, you can beautify your property. You can mix the colour in your concrete to give a unique look to your property.


Over the years, the exposed aggregate has found its use not only in residential properties but also in the commercial and other public places. With high resistivity and aesthetic appeal, the surface styling can easily change the looks of your property.

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