Why I Fell In Love With Croatia


Croatia is comprised of more than 1000 islands and has some of the most beautiful locations in the world with breathtaking views. Whether you are seeking for some relaxation, adventure, culture or nature, Croatia is definitely the place to visit since there is something for everyone. Each island offers something unique to its visitors, from beautiful walking trails and spectacular ocean views to stunning waterfalls and protected national parks. Whether you want to swim, hike, cycle, paint, paddle board or snorkel, Croatia should be at the top of your must visit list. The enchanting crystal clear waters are magical hence the temptation to go for a swim at every available opportunity is irresistible.

Incredible Scenery
If snorkeling is one of your favorite activities and you desire to explore the colorful world beneath the sweeping waves, Croatia offers the perfect environment. Croatia offers many “pinch me..is this real?” moments especially every time you are ashore exploring new and unique destinations which will often make you feel as though you are in a dream world. The pebbly nature of Croatian beaches adds to their charm hence you will always find a perfect spot to take a snap or a selfie but remember to carry some shoes in order to navigate easily to the shore line. You can also book for motor yachts, luxury yachts, cruise boats and sail boats at yacht charter Croatia if you want to take a cruising holiday.

Food and Culture
The Croatian menu is incredibly delicious, from fresh seafood, amazing local cheese to wine and olive oil, it is simply impossible not to fall in love with the bursting flavor and color of the Croatian menu. For many centuries, explorers and travelers have been lured by the Croatian rich history and ancient architecture. You can spend time exploring the ancient city walls, impressive art galleries and museums and if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you can see the actual Daenerys’ throne room. In Croatia, you can simply relax in the serene natural landscape during the day and let your hair down in style in the evening.

People of Croatia
The people of Croatia may be few but they will always make a lot of difference to your visit there. Croatians are friendly, funny, helpful as well as culturally switched-on. You will discover this once you are at the market, shop or simply asking for directions. People here are friendly and always willing to help with most of their social interactions done with a smile. Croatians are well educated and well read and can hold conversations about nearly every topic from films to novels. In fact, they are ahead of many European countries in terms of being culturally savvy especially when it comes to music concerts and theatres. For Croatians, culture is their sacred cow.

Croatians know how to treat their guests and this is best observed when you visit them in their houses. You will be served with enough food with some fine drinks as well. Croatians will always go out of their way to make their guests feel at ease and welcome. They are not only generous in terms of meals and drinks but with their time as well since they will always be willing to engage you in meaningful conversations. The Croatian society is extremely communal where everyone looks out for each other hence it is good to visit this place at least once.