Few Basic Steps Can Be Your Guide To Get That Look With Your Lustrous Shinny Hair


This change of season is another hurdle we face when we want to get good long lustrous hair. It is pretty impossible to give abundant time after you hair especially in this dead busy schedule that we have. And from the scorching heat to the monsoon and then the winter is difficult or your hair to cope up with so many changes as well. So the first basic tip for each one of us to get the healthiest looking locks is to start off by rinsing your hair in the shower. That is one point which is pretty irreplaceable given and followed by a lot of other steps.

The basic tips to get a healthy hair without much dandruff are given to you in brief. And this might just become your to go routine as well, never know:

  • First and foremost gently, rub a quarter sized amount of shampoo into your if you have and give yourself a go mid length or small hair and a little more of you have long hair. The quantity definitely depends on the length of your hair. Remember to not scrub your hair because like your face the scalp too is very delicate. Hence remember to not go very harsh and rather be very gentle while you are into the process.
  • Next in the process will be to rinse your hair and condition it from mid length to ends, letting it sit for a couple of minutes, then give it another rinse. Also do not keep changing the degree of water you use for your hair. Like do not keep changing from hot to cold to warm hair, and that’s something you cannot avoid.
  • Next in line is another piece of advice for you. So if you are facing trouble with dandruffs the you can immediately shift to the ketomac shampoo for dandruff. And after a few washes you are going to see the results for yourself without any wait at all. And you must be loving it and that is taken.
  • Next in queue is to Dry your hair by squeezing it gently with a towel. Again making you remember a very important point here is that rubbing it vigorously will cause breakage and strip away all of your glorious shine. And after doing ao much to get that luster back you surely would not want to get it damaged all over again.
  • If you are someone who believes in the trial and error method then you can totally first try out the ketomac shampoo before deciding to switch over. So for that now you can also avail your hands on the ketomac shampoo pouch. This way you can feel secure about the money. Although you are going to love it and that is absolutely a thing without a second doubt. Since the chemical content is really less and also it is made in a way which suits all the skin types without causing much of any issue.

So these few basic steps can be your guide to get that look with your lustrous shinny hair.