First time in Croatia-Travel tips

Croatia stone house

If you’re planning a trip to Croatia, then you want to get the most from your travels. This beautiful and diverse country has something to offer everyone. In order to make your trip go smoother, follow these first-time traveling tips to make your visit exciting and enjoyable.

Traveling Times

The two busiest times of tourism in Croatia are July and August. Prices are high, the crowds are hectic, and it’s going to be difficult to see all of the attractions. The best time to travel to Croatia is the spring and fall months. During these times, the weather is moderate and you’ll be outside of the peak tourism season. Keep in mind though, that some of the transportation options like their ferry system run on a limited schedule so double check your travel plans.

Island Hopping

Since Croatia has more than a thousand of islands, islets and reefs, your trip should include a visit to at least a few of them. Some visitors make day trips from Split or Dubrovnik but it’s actually more enjoyable to visit and stay overnight on the islands. Hvar is more crowded and fun for a day trip but enjoy a day or two at the islands of Korcula and Vis. Ferries and water taxis make it easy to travel.

Diverse Cuisine

Cuisine has a diverse range of flavors and has been influenced by many different countries. Their local cheese and wines are great to enjoy as well as purchase for gifts. The cafes in Croatia are the best place to visit for a light evening meal. These small cafes are good for evening meals paired with a local wine while enjoying the local area. You’ll also want to try their fresh seafood dishes. Because of their coastline, you can enjoy delicious fresh seafood such as brudet, a fish stew and hvarskagregada, different types of fish cooked with herbs and white wine.

Visit a Local Sporting Event

Croatia is a nation that’s filled with sports enthusiasts and you’ll learn a great deal about the local culture by visiting a sporting event. Croatia has many sports, but their tennis matches are probably the best ones to enjoy. If you’re around during one of their tournaments, be sure to get tickets. The enthusiasm around these sports is always fun to experience. 

Consider Rental or Purchasing Property

Many people in Croatia rent out their apartments. If you’re staying for a few nights, then you may want to rent out a home where you can enjoy one of these great home environments. Hotels are fine but apartment rentals are inexpensive and will give you more flexibility and privacy. If you plan on visiting Croatia on a regular basis, you may want to consider buying property in Croatia. This real estate investment is a great choice.

Although it can take months to see everything that Croatia has to offer, start off your visit with these first-time travel tips. You’ll be able to hit the highlights on your initial visit and then come back again to enjoy any of the attractions you missed.