Flipping The Mattress- Needed Or Not?


Do you have a childhood memory that includes a scene where your grandma or mom has a cleaning spree? Most people would have observed the process where the mattress is lifted and flipped over as part of the routine especially during cleaning days.  This is a practice that continues to the present day in most households. Even the hotel industry makes it a part of their regular routine of maintenance and room services.

You may wonder -Is there a reason for flipping the mattress? Is it really necessary to flip the mattress over? Are you automatically following a process as the continuation of a past habit? The answer to all these queries is that even the best quality mattress requires being flipped over at a fixed interval.

The mattress benefits out of this and there is no other harm involved. When you sleep in the same position daily, the natural bounce of the mattress reduces. If you observe carefully, there will be slight depressions on the normally bouncy surface. These areas will gradually sink into crater-like dips. So the trick is to rotate the pressure around and keep it evenly spread.

Does flipping a mattress help?

What actually happens when you flip the mattress? Memory foam mattresses are made of a combination of materials that heat up and mold according to the body shape of the person asleep. While this is a major reason that many customers love their beds, there is a limit of tolerance to the weight and pressure distribution. The material has a natural tendency to sag or dip after this tolerance level is exceeded.

While you flip the mattress, you are not only retaining the shape of the mattress, you are also giving yourself numerous benefits. As explained above, the material molds according to your body shape. Hence if this becomes uncomfortable, you will start experiencing irregularities when you rest your neck and back. You may wake up in pain as the natural softness and bounce of the material is lost. This also causes posture differences which affect your appearance. Sleep deprivation is another harmful side-effect of an uneven mattress.

Benefits of flipping the mattress to prevent sagging:

  • Evenly distributed pressure
  • Longer durability
  • Reduction in sagging
  • Decreases crater formation on the surface of the bed
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Reduced back pain and other muscular discomforts

Flippablemattress, that is lightweight is available in the market. Keeping into consideration the convenience and value of the customer, most manufacturers have introduced designs wherein the flip bed has an extended life with maximum benefits. It is worth the money spent when you get a product that keeps you happy and satisfied. Always check with the dealer or manufacturer about all the details involved. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of every brand discussed. Go in person to select the mattress and pillow. Try sitting on the bed and decide if it is comfortable for yourself. Ask lots of questions regarding the maintenance and care required. Determine whether you are getting a high-quality product.  Do not settle for a low-quality one just because it is cheaper. Flipping the bed or rotating a well-known branded mattress will not only extend its life, but it will also help you save the costs of purchasing another mattress.

A good night’s sleep is very important to the health and wellbeing of your family as mentioned by Wakefit. Why compromise on this, when a simple process of flipping a mattress can save you the trouble of replacing it frequently. The regular practice extends the life of the mattress and maintains it in good condition for around 10 years. So be smart and keep up the age-old household routine of flipping the mattress on your cleaning days!