Get the Best Rooftop Solar Panels from OVN


OVN has been the largest provider of best rooftop solar panels in Asian countries for twelve years. It is a vertically integrated flagship company that offers its customers energy systems and after sales service of the highest quality, as well as its own financing and manufacturing services.

OVN is one of the most prominent and best rooftop solar panels in the country and aims to enter the market with panels, inverters, cables and high-quality installation equipment, which are not the only ones that plan the project, but execute the project on a regular basis. They provide the most effective panels from the rooftop solar dealer for all your needs, from the most advanced high school to the most effective value. That’s why they want more houses, offices and industries in the center of attention. Among the tactics that would prefer to become resellers of high-level issues.

UFOs are numbered because they are the largest rooftop solar dealers and suppliers in the simplest metropolis. The products include asterisk systems, star batteries, wind turbines, star lighting systems, star water heaters, water filters, filter cartridges and water softeners. Its products are designed in accordance with international quality standards and develop the use of high quality raw materials. The basic product used in the production of the proposed goods comes from recognized and recognized suppliers.

Some shopping options at the OVN:

  • Free survey on the web.
  • Fashionable system and economic proposal.
  • On-site assembly of own solar panels.
  • Leihstern without guarantee
  • 25 years of electric insurance.
  • Three free customer service visits.

OVN Trade Engineers Pvt. Partnership with Tata Power star, the largest integrated star company in India, driven by a unique vision: harness the power of the sun to change stars everywhere. They provide the best metropolis of star panels for your home and business, from 5 KVA to 5,000 KVA to meet your needs. OVN produces its own star charts from 255 Wc to 375 Wp to offer customers a better product at a reduced price. The advanced work of OVN can be found in the city using the latest production technology of the European nation. OVN star charts do not have negative tolerance. OVN only produces panels that exceed its nominal output. All OVN star panels are tested by IEC and have a 25 year linear performance guarantee.

State-of-the-art technology with elegant machines and tools ensures that the final products meet international quality standards. With the support of a team of experienced professionals and advanced units, they stand as the best rooftop solar panels worldwide with a high degree of precision. To ensure that only fault-free products are delivered to customer surfaces from the rooftop solar dealer, the staff of recent years can strictly control the entire range of products based on clearly defined quality parameters. In addition, due to the transparency of the exchanges, the simplicity of the payment methods and the customer oriented approach, they must be forced to increase the number of customers and the responsibility in the market.