Haunted Places in Chennai

Haunted Places

Friends, we have made you aware of many haunted places in India. So today, we will introduce you to the haunted places of Chennai for the first time.

List of Haunted Places in Chennai

1. Blue Cross Road

The Blue Cross Road of Chennai’s Basant Nagar is considered to be the most haunted road in Chennai. The reason why this place is considered haunted is the suicides happening here. After the suicide, the soul of the deceased disturbs the passers-by on this road. Due to the dense trees and vines here, this place looks very scary even during the day. Here passers-by have seen a creature in white clothes roaming in this place.

2. Karikattu Kuppam

Karikattu Kuppam is a haunted place located on the East Coast Road, 32 km from Chennai, where fishermen’s houses were more than 150. More than 1300 houses were destroyed in this place due to the terrible tsunami in 2004. Even today, at this place, you will see broken houses, empty temples, dilapidated schools, and empty tanks. More than 300 families left after this place got the title of haunted town.

Four people died in this tragedy, out of which two were children. The unsatisfied souls of these people who died here have been seen roaming at this place at night by the local people. Due to the desolation of this place, many ghost stories have started flourishing in this place. The people fear that no one comes or worships not in the temple but also believe that the spirits have captured the temple.

After this incident, despite the construction work being done here, people refused to stay here. Some people do not want to live in this place anymore due to the tsunami and some people due to ghost incidents. Even after 10 years, this place has become a stronghold of ghosts due to the devastation. Reputable newspapers have also mentioned the ghosts, and about this place, you can roam the night at this place at your own risk.

3. Besant Avenue Road

As much as Basant Avenue Road looks pleasant and beautiful during the daytime, this place gets eclipsed at night. After sunset, this road is occupied by ghosts, which makes this place more terrifying. The people passing through this place are being slapped by the spiritual force and push them away. According to local passers-by, you will see a ghost in the mirror of your vehicle while passing through this route.

4. Anna Flyover

Anna flyover is considered the most haunted flyover of Chennai because of many suicide cases at this place due to which the soul of the deceased has been seen roaming at night by the local people. At this place, you get strange screams and screams at night, due to which many people change their way.

5. Two-Lane East Coast Road

Two-Lane Road is also one of the haunted places in Chennai because many years ago, a girl was killed in a road accident at this place, and her spirit still wanders at this place. Many people shiver at this place by going out at night. The people passing here were stunned many times by the invisible shadow, whose stories are prevalent in many places on the internet.

6. Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge is a haunted bridge in Chennai, built over the Adyar River at a distance of one and a half kilometers from Basant Nagar. This bridge was built in 1966 for 32 crores and was destroyed in flood in 1977. This bridge was built on the lines of Sydney’s Harbor Bridge.

Everything remains calm here during the day, but this place turns into a ghostly place as soon as night falls, and many local people experienced ghosts at this place. Some invisible force prevents the passers-by from crossing this bridge, so very few people pass through this bridge. Here, shooting can be seen many times during the day, but this place becomes deserted during the night. No one will come here at night for any help except the neighboring fishermen.

7. De Monte Colony

De Monte colony is located on St. Mary’s Road, built by the 19th-century merchant De Monte, after whom the colony is named. De Monte himself had gone through haunting incidents at this place as evil spirits had gripped his family after the construction of this colony. His wife became mentally ill, and her son disappeared, which the local people told. There is no street light in this colony, and this place becomes lonely at night.

Due to empty houses and strange trees, this place looks even scarier at night. Local people said that at night the soul of the owner of this colony passes through this road and inspects all the houses. After the death of a guard at night, no guard stays here at night, and the taxi drivers who park their taxis do not come to this place at night.

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8. Madras Christian College

Madras Christina College is one of the haunted places in Chennai. The haunting of this haunted college is the story of one-sided love who commits suicide for the sake of his love. A college student had committed suicide due to heartbreak, after which his soul roams in this college, and at night the sound of windows breaking and walking comes.

9. Valmiki Nagar

Valmik Nagar is at a distance of 15 km from Chennai International Airport. A house on Ambedkar Road becomes abandoned after the death of its owner’s daughter, due to which this place is considered haunted. After some time, two people bought this house, and they too came under the grip of evil spirits.