Here’s What You Should Know Before Investing Time in Investment Banking


As an investment banker, there are certain rituals you need to follow. Undoubtedly, the benefits keep getting added at every level you upscale. Becoming an investment banker is no piece of cake, although the job role sounds like a cherry on the topping with fat paychecks and a good amount of travel. It is but a dilemma.

Hooking up with a career in investment bankingis perhaps a very popular job role in the financial world today. However, becoming an investment banker is no easy task. Most investment banks tend to attract talents from countless universities and churn out the best of the lot.

For those struggling to take that leap might find investment banking certification a great career jump. Not only will these certifications help you learn the skills as a banker but will also provide first-hand knowledge and practical skills that universities do not teach.

Theimpact of competency gaps on the investment banking sector

Is the time right to establish a career in the banking field?

Before much ado, professionals looking to get into this field must understand the adverse effects of the competency gap on this profession. The industry today is so much about technology, innovation, upskilling. Though the investment banking field did quite well in the past few years, there is still a lack of talent. Many investment bankers still fall short of skills that are required by the current industry, thus, they’re not able to do their tasks effectively leading to business loss.

Such issues will not simply fade away, these issues have only exacerbated with time.

Recruiting the right talent is becoming more and more challenging. Even worse is to retain them. According to a report on Wall Street Journal 2017, it is said that analysts and associates who had left their jobs at more than a dozen times in 2015 stayed nearly for 17 months, as compared to an average with 26 months with those that left for the same positions but after a decade. It is now a threat for all individuals who’re looking to change their job roles due to automation.

Here’s what you need when it comes to turning yourself into an investment banker: –

Investment bankers possess one of the rarest skillsets and even at the mid-level position, you will still be in the top 1% of the income earners in the industry. Most people are drawn toward investment banking due to the lucrative salary packages while for others it is simply because of the excitement of great deals and the fact that they would be dealing with CEOs and Board members.

The investment banking industry is generally attracted to candidates who are highly competitive, high achievers and are willing to go an extra mile. Professionals who are extremely attentive to details have solid understanding mathematics. Most of the candidates looking to enter this domain are candidates having strong interest following the market or investing in public assets and companies.

Besides having a graduate degree from top universities, earning a credible certification from some of the best online resources will help you break into the industry today.