How Do You Organize a Room Shared With a Baby


Not everyone has the luxury of a separate room for their baby. Whatever the reason for the shared space, having a baby in your bedroom or living room requires special preparations, plans, and, above all, care. Knowing how to organize such a room not only ensures everyone’s safety, but also allows everyone involved to enjoy the limited space to the fullest.

Obtain multitasking furniture

When space is at a premium, you want to make the most of what you have so that your home remains cozy without getting cluttered. Having furniture that can be used for multiple purposes and continued to be used after the baby has grown are good ways to save space and help balance the budget.

A common example of multipurpose furniture is obtaining a nursing chair that can still be used once the child has switched to solid food. That way you still have a chair you can use without taking up precious floor space.

Mobile furniture

Most furniture is, technically, mobile. You might need another pair of hands and some elbow grease, but if the piece isn’t bolted to the floor, you can move it to another location. Wheels, however, make this process much easier.

mobile furniture

This is especially useful for the baby’s crib. Whether you purchased a baby crib from Amish Furniture Factory or are making use of one provided by family, one on wheels can open up a lot of opportunities in your shared space. It will also make adjusting to the child’s growth easier as well.

Create a baby nook

While a separate room isn’t an option, you should at least make a portion of whatever room the baby lives in as their own space. Placing the crib, nursing chair, and the like in their own corner or space helps keep your home organized. It will also help build routine and structure for the young child, creating a familiar area where they will feel safe.

Where you place the nook is up to you, but it should take the needs of the child into account. A cozy corner of whatever room is available is likely the best option. Safety is also an important factor, of course. Placing the nook away from the kitchen or any other potential hazards will make the area safer and more comfortable for both you and the baby.

Remember Baby’s Needs

Above all, and obvious as it may seem, the area set up for the baby needs to be designed and planned with the needs of the child. That includes not just safety precautions like child proofing, but ensuring the area is comfortable and relaxing for the baby.

The various toys and other odds and ends the baby will need also should be taken into account. If you place any ceiling decorations or mobiles for entertainment, that might restrict where you can place the baby’s area, so plan accordingly.

Don’t forget the diaper changing station, either. Where you place that can have a big impact on the overall layout of not just the baby’s corner of the room, but the overall design as well. even if you don’t have a dedicated room for the baby, you will still need some furniture for the nursery room area.

Have some fun with lighting

Tending to a baby’s needs is a round the clock endeavor, and turning on the nearest light switch may not be the best option, especially in the middle of the night. A lamp or some string lights in the baby’s area will not only make late night feedings easier, but can also liven up the baby’s space and make it feel roomier.

Christmas tree

A nightlight is also an option, though you might need more illumination than such a source can provide. Multiple lights are an option as well. As long as they’re safe, some fun with the lighting will make late night feedings a little easier.

Plan ahead

Babies are not babies for very long, in the broad scheme of things. Having to share a room with them will not be forever, so you need to plan for when the baby is a toddler and onward.

That includes having plans for the furniture, whether it’s placing it in storage, rearranging the room for the older child’s needs, or making use of the pieces for other purposes. The needs of the child and your available space will play a large part in what happens with which furniture.

Sharing a room with a baby can provide a lot of unique challenges. With some careful and safe design and planning, however, you can create a cozy nursery nook or corner for the baby to feel safe and loved. It might take some adjustment at first, but they won’t be a baby forever, and that will mean whole new challenges to face as the child grows.