How Does Faith Lead To Happiness?


Being happy is an emotional state. Unfortunately, many people struggle to find happiness in their entire life. But, they fail to understand the causes of happiness.

The state of happiness, which is a feeling of joy, is often dependent on many factors. Besides other core elements like relationships, physical well-being, motivation, and success, faith plays a key role.

Surprisingly, researchers have concluded that people with strong faith tend to stay happier than others. Let us discover the reason behind it and see how faith can lead to happiness:

Faith Gives Us Hope

Struggles and hardships of life are unavoidable. Similarly, almost all of us face failure in life. These are the critical moments that can make us sad or sometimes leave dramatic memories. Besides this, some complicated life events can even turn into mental disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, etc.

However, people with strong faith deal with these failures from the very early stage. Instead of repeatedly thinking about the hardships and the challenges, they start developing hope for the next turn. Since they have a firm belief that the Creator is there to reward them, they keep praying. Thus, this faith gives them the light of hope, which is imperative for staying happy and struggling for the next move.

Faith Makes Us Believe In Forgiveness

Undoubtedly, it becomes difficult to forgive others. Especially when someone hurts you so bad, cheats you, or does not act as per your expectation. But, the one with a strong faith finds it easier to forgive others and move on. This commendable ability sometimes impresses the wrongdoer and helps the person to come on the right path.

More importantly, it gives us the strength and the fortitude we need to not dwell on the sadness, hurt, and betrayal we feel from the other’s actions. Faith gives us the wisdom and the enlightenment to understand that what other people do to us has more to do with them and their issues than us. It gives us the courage to forgive and move on and thus attain peace of mind.

Faith Makes Us More Open-Hearted

People with strong faith tend to join charity clubs and community services. Since they have a motto of helping others, they work hard to serve humanity. Consequently, the feeling they get after spreading happiness gives them joy. Additionally, when these people join NGOs and charity clubs, they meet different people. This makes them social and lets them interact with new people every other day.

For instance, giving shelter to the unprivileged, providing food to the poor, and educating the lower class give us an endless feeling of happiness. Similarly, some people offer free education to the poor students or even open schools that can educate the poor class. All these efforts give us a reason to live and strive for humanity.

Note: Many psychotherapists also recommend giving gifts to others to feel joy and gain internal peace.

Faith Lets Us Overcome Hardships

Rather than losing hope and becoming sad, faith enables us to face hardships head-on. Be it a disease or financial crisis, people with faith are less likely to become stubborn in difficult times. For instance, a faithful person will consider financial crises as a test from the Creator. With this belief, the person will struggle to overcome the difficulty rather than feeling depressed.

Similarly, faith lets us think positively. Even in the most crucial times, faithful persons dig out something positive. Like if a person is seriously sick, his faith will let him think that the Creator has made him a source of earning for the hospital. Apart from it, if there is faith, the person will think that something positive is about to come as every hardship makes the next happy moments closer.

Faith Lets Us Believe in Prayer

Spirituality and mediation are other ways of being happy. People with faith are more inclined towards mediation practices and follow religious principles strictly. Furthermore, this praying habit brings both mental and physical health benefits.

Several acts in praying, like bowing, prostrating, and bending, increase the blood flow in our bodies. Similarly, it is better for our emotional health. It releases stress and lets us think positively. Consequently, it contributes to making us feel happy.

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Faith Lets Us Enjoy What We Have

In comparison to the materialistic people who find it hard to stay happy, people with strong faith are happier. Since the gold and glitters of the world do not matter for them, they find happiness in whatever they have. These faithful people believe that this world is going to finish one day, and all these things will be temporary.

In some other religions, people believe that they are going to have a life after death, which will be a permanent life. Therefore, they make efforts to stay happy for that life and wish to go to Heaven.

Others with strong faith understand the complexities of having luxuries in life. For instance, a filthy rich man will find it harder to sleep due to the worries of theft, whereas a poor man can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Faith Eradicates Jealousy

At times, we have everything, but still, we are not happy. Many of us think about what others have. This develops jealousy, and as a result, we forget the blessings that we are gifted with.

However, if a person has faith, he will never notice the blessings of others. Faith diminishes this comparison and lets us spend a happy life. Since faith makes us believe in the Creator and this belief shows that whatever is happening is with the will of the Creator. Therefore, there is no question of comparing the blessings.

Faith Is The Key Ingredient In Everlasting Happiness

All in all, leading a happy life is a desire for many. Though it looks difficult, it is as simple as it sounds. Just develop good faith in the Creator, and you will find it easier to stay happy. The power of faith will automatically remove all the hardships, struggles, and emotional stress. It will make you optimistic, let you join the religious groups, and make you thankful for all the blessings.

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