How Soda Can Affect Your Teeth?


If you’re fond of soda, there is bad news for your – your habit may cause you a variety of dental problems. In fact, any sugary drink, when consumed in excess, and for days on end, can harm your oral health greatly. Worse still, you may also be at risk for weight gain, obesity and diabetes of type 2.

Naturally, sodas with prolonged use can impact your smile as well due to causing cavities and tooth decay. if you want your teeth and gums to stay healthy, reduce the intake of sugary item. Even if you can’t chuck the habit altogether, it makes sense to curb the urge and tone down the frequency and then look to forge the habit after some time.

Sodas are bad for your oral health for many reasons, including –

The sugar in soda comes in contact with bacteria in mouth and cause acid formation
The acid thus formed can attack your teeth and cause it harms in various ways possible
The more sugar intake you have the more it leads to dental risks over time
All sugary items are bad for teeth and their protective layers as you must understand that well
A majority of soda drinkers tend to neglect their oral health, and this is akin to doubling the damage for your oral health
Apart from cutting back on soda intake, you also have to improve oral hygiene to maintain dental health

It’s therefore important to chuck the habit of soda or at least take steps to minimize the intake and cut back the harms to a big way.

Sodas can affect your teeth in different ways, including –

1. Stains or discoloration
If you are conscious about your looks, it’s then important to eat and drink right. Soda is something you should avoid altogether given its long-term effect on your teeth. It’s a sugary drink with certain coloured liquid ingredients capable of seeping into the soft tooth enamel. So, stains or discoloration is quite common among heavy drinkers of soda and you too can’t escape the harm. Even though tooth whitening is a reality now, it still makes sense to avoid binding on sugar in any from and let your teeth shite like they naturally do.

2. Erosion
Your soda drinking habit could lead to enamel erosion over time. The acids present in the drink will come in contact with the tooth enamel to cause harms. And this acid can weaken the hardness of the enamel which works as a protective layer on your teeth. Even fruit juices and sports drinks do cause the same type of harms and it’s always better to curb the habit minimize dental risks in any form. If your enamel starts to erode, it may eventually impact the strength of your dental structure to weaken the teeth gradually.

3. Cavities
Soda’s harmful effect is not limited with the outer protective layer of your teeth, but it can also affect the next layer, dentin, as well. And when the damage is that serious, it can lead to cavities. In fact, consumption of soft drinks over time can cause caries and pose oral health risks of irreparable nature. And when such a habit combines with poor oral hygiene, it always proves harmful for your dental health. It’s therefore important to avoid drinking soda to stay on the right side of your oral health.

For any oral health issue, you must contact a top best dentist near me immediately and not allow the problem to aggravate further and cause health risks in future. This is how you can maintain oral health and flash your smile to the world.

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Shashi Das is an experienced health writer with a keen interest in oral health and dental hygiene. His posts are mostly about taking care of your teeth and gums, and also about home remedies for dental health. You can rely on his blog for dental information but it’s important to search and visit the only best dentist near me for quality dental treatment.