How Technology Increases The Sale Of Your Salon

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Your salon has real professionals and wonderful equipment, but sales are not increasing?

Isn’t it strange?

After all, women (and not only women) always strive to look gorgeous and young, even during the economic crisis! Isn’t it time to think about how to increase sales in your salon?

For a beauty salon to promote effectively and quickly, customers must love it. To do this, you need to build a good relationship with them. You should regularly offer new interesting services, promotions, and discounts, and notify your customers in a timely manner. And it is important not only to interest the visitor, but also to motivate them to return to the salon again.

A Salon Software for a beauty salon will help optimize customer service by removing the human factor. It forms a unique offer for each Salon visitor, provides the fastest possible response to any requests and needs of the clientele.

A holistic approach to the Salon management system helps you find poorly designed salon management spaces, improve them, and help your business move forward.

Table of Contents

How marketing and sales growth in a beauty salon are related

What Is Salon Software?

Implementation of a Salon System

Features of a CRM system for a beauty salon

Innovation in the beauty industry

Feedback from clients

Individual care programs


How marketing and sales growth in a beauty salon are related

Experienced businessmen know that an increase in sales in a beauty salon is a whole range of various activities that require a manager to be highly organized, the ability to analyze and evaluate the external and internal business environment, and take timely measures to correct it. Plus, the very model of increasing sales in a beauty salon does not have any template and is always highly individual for each situation.

The sale of beauty services in most cases is locally oriented, that is, it is tied to the geographical location of the salon and to the inhabitants of the surrounding territory. So, if there is a salon of the same level and range of services in the neighbourhood, the price list will be the only factor that determines the choice of customers.

It will help the Salon owners to become more competitive in this situation; making changes to the list of services/goods, creating a profitable offer for visitors, changing the technology of services, or reorienting to a different target audience.

Sales Software for beauty industry establishments is a well-chosen marketing strategy for increasing the number of customers.

An effective increase in sales will always contribute to:

  • Improving the quality characteristics of the services provided, while the clients are oriented towards the possible maintenance of the effect of the salon service at home;
  • Increase in the profitability of a beautiful business;

What Is Salon Software?

The Salon Software is for the Salons that automate strategies for interaction with customers, in particular, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing information about customers and the history of relationships with them, establishing and improving business processes, and then analyzing the results.

In simple terms, one of the main goals of using the appointment booking Software is to create the most comfortable and efficient service system for the salon customers, which will meet current needs and prevent future desires.

What a CRM system should do:

  • collect and store all possible information about contacts with potential clients (where the potential clients first learned about the salon, where they received additional information, and decided to go to the salon);
  • collect and store all possible information about the clients themselves;
  • collect and store all information about the services received by each specific client, and not only about what kind of services they were and at what price were provided but also about how the service went (features, recipes), whether the client was satisfied or not, whether they are ready to continue service in the salon and/or tell the friends about the salon;
  • provide opportunities for automating interaction with customers (mailings, polls, self-entry of information);
  • analyze the available data.

Implementation of a Salon System

The implementation of a Salon System in a beauty salon allows you to solve several important tasks at once:

Collection and analysis of customer data

It will help to collect and combine all the information that the Salon has for each customer;

Optimization of the provision of services

The high-quality CRM system will help to automatically form a schedule for registering customers, create an optimal scheme for the work of masters, control the amount and replenishment of necessary cosmetics and auxiliary materials;

Automation of mailing and notifications

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps to conduct promotions, promptly notify customers about the appearance of new services, masters, and the current state of their records;

Analysis of the popularity and demand for services

Using Salon Software mechanisms, the management of a beauty salon can determine which services customers prefer and what measures need to be taken to further develop the range of beauty procedures in the salon;

Integration with social networks

The Salon Management Software will help you effectively track all mentions and reviews of the salon’s work in social networks and establish feedback with customers;

Effective assessment of the work of masters

CRM provides the management of the beauty salon with detailed information about the effectiveness of the work of all Salon staff, which allows you to create a kind of rating of employees. This makes it possible to introduce a system of awards and incentives, which has a positive effect on motivation and diligence. In addition to all the features listed above, a CRM system for a beauty salon allows you to effectively implement any loyalty program.

Features of a CRM system for a beauty salon

The beauty industry has its own characteristics that cannot be ignored when developing and implementing a CRM system. The main thing to remember is that young modern women appreciate not only the quality of the services provided (although this is certainly in the first place), but also the atmosphere in the salon and the range of new unusual procedures. To increase the loyalty of such customers, additional functions should be integrated into the CRM system:

Innovation in the beauty industry

The practice of foreign beauty salons shows how important it is to keep up with the times. In addition to new products in the world of professional beauty equipment for various procedures, attention should be paid to new interactive technologies. For example, special programs and modules have been developed that allow the client to display the result of a particular haircut, hairstyle, make-up, or cosmetic intervention on the monitor in advance. This gives clients the opportunity to avoid unsuccessful experiments with their appearance, and the management of the beauty salon to increase the profitability of the business by 20-30%.

Feedback from clients

Be sure to pay attention to your customers on social media. Research shows that customers are 20% more loyal to companies that actively communicate and respond to posts and comments about themselves.

Individual care programs

Offer your loyal customers the development of individual recommendations for skin and hair care. The customers can receive advice and recommendations by SMS or e-mail. As a result, the client gets a nice free bonus, and the company gets access to the personal data (phone number, e-mail address, etc.), which can then be used to interact with the client.

  • Increasing the number of satisfied visitors;
  • Improving the reputation of your beauty salon.

The salon solution offers its users a database for storing information about clients and colouring formulas, forming loyalty programs, sending SMS reminders about a visit. And also available to control the workload of the beauty salon, scheduling visits, keeping a log of records, processing applications from social networks and from the company’s website. There are modules for working with goods, managing employees, automating reporting.


A beauty salon is mainly about the quality of customer service, thanks to which visitors come back to the salon again and again. Reputation and timely service are especially important, therefore adopting technology like Salon software is a great solution to keep your Salon business running like a clock. Besides, today the market offers enough options for CRM systems, from which you can choose the appropriate option.

Hopefully, this article is beneficial for you. If there are some queries or suggestions, then, let us know in the comment section below.

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