How to Choose the best Atlanta Sod for perfect Landscape?

There are many ways by which you can beautify your front and back lawn. It is really important to do so because it makes your property look attractive. Landscaping is an outstanding way to decorate the lawn. There are several things that can be a part of the landscaping; but the most important one is the grass you will lay.

What to know about Landscaping?

When designing a landscape there are certain points to consider if you want your lawn to be perfect. The thing that you need to focus on are the design, texture, color, scale and especially selecting the plants and the Atlanta Sod. The right proportion of all the elements is the key to having a great lawn.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Atlanta Sod

A few factors have to be seriously considered when you are thinking of choosing the best sod grass for your lawn. Many people fail to look into these points because according to them any kind of grass gives the same result. But not all grass has identical features. So the following factors are important to think over.

Weather and Climate of the Location

The climate of the state of Georgia is diversified as it is humid and hot during the summers and mildly cold winters. So not all sod grass is compatible with every weather; there are two grass kinds that can be considered. The two kinds are cool and warm weather grass.

Measurement of the Area

Many sod kinds of grass have various qualities and only a few have the ability to properly cover the whole area and grow well. If the lawn you are willing to décor is a large one then special kind of sod has to be ordered.

Will the area have shade or Sunlight?

The front lawn is a place where there is maximum sunlight available. But the backyard can be totally the opposite. You have to choose really carefully between best grass for shade and for the sunlight. You have to cautiously decide for both shade and sunny areas.

The amount you want to spend

You definitely not want to spend the whole of your savings on a single landscaping project. You would like to save your money; but at the same time don’t want the quality to be compromised. There are many sod suppliers like Atlanta Sod Farms who will give you not only the best quality sod but also at a very affordable price.

The purpose of laying sod grass

There are several places where sod grass serves very well than other alternatives. The sod grass is laid in homes, educational institutions, and different sports grounds and in public parks. In most of these areas the presence of people and animals are more than others. So the grass has to be selected carefully.

The amount of foot traffic

In-home lawns the amount of foot traffic is the least as compared to other places; so a sod that can show moderate tolerance to wear and tear can be laid. But in locations including sports fields, playgrounds and parks; high resistance to foot traffic is needed.

The level of maintenance

During the first few weeks of sod grass establishment; proper care and maintenance must be given so that the grass can grow to the appropriate height and density. But after that caring for the sod can be done weekly or after 10 days. This depends on the sod you will install.

Sod Grass best for Landscaping

There is a wide variety of sod grass from which you can choose from. But the important thing to keep in mind is that you have to consider all of the above factors before you make your decision. The decision is totally up to the buyers but experts have suggested considering the following varieties of sod grass.

Tall Fescue

If you are planning to either buy a house or start a business in the cooler cities of the state of Georgia; then the Tall Fescue is ideal for you. You also have to note that this sod can also serve well in the areas where the cool region meets the warmer one.

Emerald Zoysia

For the cities where the sun shines bright the Emerald Zoysia is the ideal grass type for you. The name is given because of the emerald color it holds. As it is a slow-growing grass; the mowing time can be after 10 days.

Meyer Zoysia

If you are looking for a grass that can do well in both in warm and cold weather then Meyer Zoysia is the one to choose. The Meyer sod is the toughest of all grass; that is the reason for its use in both types of climate.

St. Augustine sod

Another kind of mixed weather grass that you can prefer is St. Augustine sod. The characteristics that make this grass special is that it has the ability to grow t cold weather and can very well tolerate the drought.

Empire Zoysia

The last Atlanta Sod that you can consider for the landscaping project is the Empire Zoysia. If there are shades in the area then you can definitely choose this sod grass. Selecting the grass carefully is the key to a good landscape.