How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Getaway


Everyone needs a good escape – a place where we’re able to take a short break, and recharge, before we go back to the boring daily routine. Why not make this small oasis in your backyard? It does makes a lot of sense – an outdoor setting, a lot of space, lush greenery… Add a few design elements here and there to create a wonderful outdoor getaway. Here are few ideas that should help you along the way.

Bring out the Furniture
Comfortable furniture makes relaxation considerably easier. The most important choice you will have to make is whether you are going to opt for the more versatile and weather-resistant outdoor furniture or you’ll go with the more comfortable, albeit more perishable upholstery. Your choices will be guided by your local weather, but you can always cheat a bit – a good pergola or a terrace will keep the furniture protected even from the worst of the weather.

Add a Cooking Setup
As of lately, cooking outside has gained a lot of traction, so why not join the party? Usual outdoor kitchen sets include grills, pizza ovens, refrigerators, and stovetops. If you build in these appliances into a solid kitchen island (preferably made out of stone) you’ll ensure they’ll last longer in the outdoor conditions. If you are not that ambitious an ordinary barbecue set or even a fire pit will do good-enough of a job.

Ensure Some Privacy
The place where you’ll be able to enjoy is not the one where you’ll be exposed to your neighbors’ curious eyes. There are few ways to address this issue. You can plant several well-placed trees, you can plant a hedge, make a fence or a garden wall, or you can cover your patio with some affordable shade sails. It’s really up to you and your idea of an outdoor getaway.

Invest in a Pool
Installing a swimming pool is not a small investment, but you really can’t have the ultimate getaway experience without one. Swimming pools also couple nicely with outdoor kitchens. As a more naturalistic, and, at the same time, more affordable alternative, you can try to build a natural pool. They are growing increasingly popular around the world, easy to maintain, and what’s most important they are grounded within the DIY boundaries.

Define the Boundaries
If you don’t, your backyard getaway may very soon become a mess. One of the easiest ways to do that is by making pathways. Use an online concrete calculator to determine the scale of the work. Alternatively, you can solve this problem with fences or even outdoor structures. Once you’re done, your backyard will look more spacious and it will be much better organized.

Turn on the Music
Music can always lift the atmosphere, and if you’re making your getaway with the motivation to relax you’ll want the atmosphere lifted. Music can also serve as another way to neighbor-proof your backyard. That’s is why you should install a few outdoor speakers that will bring the music outside. Beware, they don’t play along with rain, so keep the speakers shielded and the cables in the pipes beneath the ground.

Play up the Plants
One of the greatest benefits of backyard getaways is the opportunity to spend some time in the nature without having to drive anywhere. You won’t get too much of nature if you don’t plant some plants, though. You don’t have to go overboard – plant a few bushes, trees and other easy-to maintain plants like Jules Verne Peony, and Thornless Common Honeylocust, and you’re good to go.

We hope that these few ideas will help you to finally make the backyard getaway you deserve. Making some room to stop, catch our breath, relax and unwind, may be the best thing we can do for ourselves.