How to Get Your Skin Ready For Your Wedding Day

Beautiful face

Wedding is a big day for brides and grooms and want celebrate each and every movement of their life. They must need to follow the Govt. guidelines to secure the wedding from Covid 19. They must need to follow the social distancing norms 3 meter and maximum of 30 guests. Only family members and nearest friends can attend the wedding. The bad thing is what bride can do without a glam team for her important day of the life. There are many restrictions for the bride when it’s come to skin, hair and makeup. Fortunately, there are some treatment options at home to looks and feel good for your big day of the life.

12 Months to Go

Approximately 40,000 weddings ceremonies are reschedule during the first month of the lock down. Many grooms and brides are looking for the next year 2021 for their marriage. They have long time to think about your wedding skin care. It’s a great to take some routine steps and start treatment for your skin. You can also go for a laser hair treatment for your face, legs and underarms. You can get notice a smoother skin after doing this.

Apart from that, if you facing any type of issue regarding acne on your skin then it’s the best time to try laser resurfacing. You can face some down time with resurfacing treatment so you can start early to treated skin for heal. Once it’s done, you will notice some different in your skin with a smoother appearance. One more thing, try to avoid staying outside after laser treatment within 4 weeks and use SPF 40 when you want to out from your home. After 4 weeks, you can stay out of the sun.

6 Months Ago

6 months is a good time to change your bad habits into good habits. You can change your routine and follow some good habits which are helpful for your skin. You can try to clean and moisturize your skin in morning and night. You can try exfoliation two times in a week for your skin to remove the dead skin cells.

You can also try to use Glycolic Peel for your skin which is helpful for skin cell regeneration and production. Apart from that, it can be used to treat acne, wrinkle, sunspot and dark lines on your skin. You can consult with your dermatologist for the percentage of Glycolic peel for your skin.

3 Months to Go

There are lots of chances you feel stress to planning and organizing your wedding to your big day get closer. This is most important time for you to reduce the stress and eat healthy foods. You can also drink lots of water to hydrate your body and acne free skin.

Wedding Day

1 Month to Go

Some bride wishes to feel special for their big day and want flax lip treatment. In this process, the lasers are used to give the lips a temporary plumping. This treatment takes 10 to 15 minutes and help to removing dry dehydrated cell from your lips. Lots of patient has noticed their natural lips color after treatment and increase the blood circulation.

The Night Before

The night before is not the time for new experiment with your skin. If your skin not familiar with any beauty products then try to avoid these products.