How to Pack Up For A Cross Country Move


It’s time to move! You’ve found your dream home in a new city, and you’re about to pack up for the cross country trip. But before you get started, there are a few things that you need to consider. This article will provide all of the information that is required to plan an efficient packing process.

Make an Inventory List

It’s a good idea to make an inventory list of all the items that will need to be packed. If there is anything leftover or missed out on the list after going through your belongings, then go ahead and add them in at this point before packing too much. The best way of doing this is by making a detailed spreadsheet with columns for each room in the house and any other miscellaneous things like clothing types or kitchenware that may have been overlooked initially. This can take some time if you’re not used to being organized, but it’ll save many headaches later down the line when getting ready for unpacking!

Make sure everyone has their own suitcase/bag to put their things in. As you pack items, try to keep them organized by room – this will be helpful later on when unpacking and deciding where to place everything back into the house! As a general rule of thumb, if it’s clothing that should go upstairs (or clothes for children), they would belong with those respective rooms. The same goes for bathrooms and kitchens too. You don’t want to have any confusion about what belongs where during unpacking time!

Create Your “Capsule Wardrobe”

If you’re packing to move out of state, then it might be time to update your wardrobe with pieces that can work in multiple situations. So, what is a Capsule Wardrobe? It’s the idea of having clothes and accessories that are versatile enough to match different occasions. When building an outfit from scratch, think about balance – one new statement piece mixed with more classic or neutral ones will create something stylish but not too flashy.

It might sound like a lot initially, but once you get into the groove of things, it’ll become more manageable as well as much less stressful! And let’s face it: no matter how organized we try to keep our homes during these hectic times, there’s always going to be some clutter somewhere!

Create a Moving Checklist

Create a checklist for everything you need to pack, this can help you saving when relocating to another state or cross country for a well-planned move. This can be as simple as putting all your clothes in one pile, or it might be more complicated based on the items that are most important to have access to right away and those things that don’t matter if they’re not packed until later. The list should include what category of item is being sorted (clothes, kitchenware, etc.). Once this has been done, create an order of priority by deciding which things will go into each box according to their importance and necessity during travel.

If you’re sorting by category, then clothes go in one box, and all other essential items for the first day (like makeup) would get packed into another. If instead, you sorted by priority of need during travel, then those things pack last – like your underwear – would be put inside the suitcase to be taken on the plane with you when it leaves!

Prioritize Packing

Another thing you’ll want to do is prioritize what’s the most important for your move. Start by going through clothing and packing up heavier items, such as coats, boots, or shoes that will be too uncomfortable in transit and bulky items like pots and pans. This can also include any large artwork or other decor pieces that don’t transport well. Once they’re packed away, then go back to the more delicate things – think about whether there are fragile objects you might have forgotten about at this point!

Choose Your Packing Method

The best packing method when moving another state is to use a single box for each category of item. That way, you’ll know where anything important is at all times, and the boxes are easy to stack when it’s time to load them onto your moving truck. To avoid getting any items mixed up during the move, make sure that different categories have unique identifying marks on their respective boxes to be easily located from now until departure day without having to open every single one of them.

Label the Boxes

Label the boxes as soon as they’re packed. You want to make sure that you know where every single one of them is at all times, so labeling each box with both a category and destination will help ensure that happens.

The best way to label your boxes is by using packing tape on the top or side face of the box in which you’ve written either “kitchen” or “bedroom.” This will be especially helpful when it’s time for unpacking because then everything can go right back where it came from without having to spend too much time trying to figure out what goes where!

Invest In Quality Moving Boxes

Invest in quality moving boxes. Quality does matter when it comes to the materials that you choose for your items, which is why this point can’t be stressed enough. A cheap cardboard box might work well if you’re packing up a dorm room or apartment, but they won’t hold up during long-distance moves and are more likely to get damaged along the way. Save yourself from stress by choosing high-quality materials!

The most durable options like corrugated fibreboard containers will do just fine because they have extra reinforcement on all sides to withstand better bumps and falls and heavy lifting from one location to another.


There are many different ways to pack up for a cross country move. You can decide on the best way by considering what you hope to accomplish with your home, how much time you have, and whether or not you need help from professionals. Let us know if we can be of any assistance in planning your next move!