How to Take care of the Skin around the Eyes


Eyes, first of all, it is a business card of a person, because according to statistics they are the first things to be paid attention to, even at the first acquaintance. Don’t you agree with this statement? If so, in daily care, you will need to dedicate time to the eyes and the particular zone around them. After all, the beauty of the eyes primarily depends not only on their color, but also on the condition of the skin around the eyelids and the eye area. The skin in these places is tender, and can give out age and “tell” about sleepless nights, stresses and other possible troubles. Of course, it is much better to solve this very problem radically. However, there are various means of “first aid” in order to camouflage or somehow hide the problem and perfect the skin.

Features of the skin around the eyes

Skin in this zone is much thinner than on the rest of the face. It has less subcutaneous fat. Therefore, it becomes drier with the age, as well as more sensitive, and wrinkles appear on it.

Daily Care

All cosmetics intended for skin cleansing should contain a mark “suitable for the eye area” and “tested by ophthalmologists”. Ordinary tonics and liquid for make-up do not fit. They can irritate the surface of the eye, since they do not contain special spreading oils that do not cause inflammation. That is why we need to clean out the eye area every single day. The technique of applying of the make-up remover is somewhat different from the usual movements. You need to apply milk or lotion to cotton pads and apply around the eye area for 1 minute, then remove the make-up remnants from top to bottom using non-stretching movements. It is also better to wash off persistent cosmetics with two-phase cosmetics. In this bottle there are two immiscible liquids: one contains ultralight oils, which remove makeup, the other – soothes the irritation caused by the liquid.
All cosmetics for this zone need to be changed every six months, overdue means can cause allergies and conjunctivitis. When choosing cosmetics for the eyes, it is worth paying attention to the condition and type of skin and age. For aging skin, more concentrated preparations have been developed that can affect the renewal of cells and support the elasticity of the skin. Up to 30 years, cosmetics with fruit extract and vegetable oils are suitable.
Attention should be taken to nourishing creams, which indicate that they slow the appearance of wrinkles. The effect of their application is usually good, but temporary. The active substances in the composition relax the muscle contractions and wrinkles are smoothed out. However, as soon as the application of the cream ceases, the skin condition deteriorates sharply.
In the care of this gentle zone of the face, it is important to apply the cream correctly, so as not to stretch it and not “beautify” the eyes with bags, swelling and wrinkles. To rub any cream, you need to perform soft movements with a ring finger or little finger along the massage lines.

How to cope with cosmetic problems around the eye area

Brownish dark circles

The problem is associated with “shadows” from the work of pigments melanin and hemosiderin. Such traces usually appear on yellowish skin. In order to get rid of this problem with decorative cosmetics – apply a concealer yellowish tint. If this phenomenon is not temporary, buy a special clarifying treatment with vitamin C. This tool will help to lighten the area around the eyes by 15-20%. In the salon, experts can recommend laser and photo bleaching, which will destroy the pigment. This procedure is recommended to be performed once a year, since the pigment has the property of accumulating again. Pay attention to mesotherapy. With the help of injections, preparations based on vitamin C, algae, etc., which can destroy the pigment, are introduced.
Folk prescription: 10 grams of chamomile flowers and 10 g. of cornflowers pour with 200 ml of hot water and infuse for twenty minutes, then drain.

Bluish dark circles

Beige concealer lighter than the basic tone will help to mask this problem. You should pay attention to gels and creams for the eyelids. In their composition can be extracts of chestnut, ginger, which narrow the capillaries and activate blood circulation.
In the salon you should try lymph drainage facial massage, micro-current therapy or lipofilling. The latter procedure involves the introduction of fat cells under the skin from the abdomen, as well as fillers based on hyaluronic acid.
Folk prescription: 10 grams of parsley leaves pour with 200 ml of boiling water and infuse a quarter of an hour, then drain. Compress from this decoction should be imposed daily for 15 minutes for a month.


If swelling on the face occurs immediately after awakening, but disappear within a few hours, the cause of their appearance is lymphatic disturbances. To quickly deal with them – apply something cold to the eyelids. Vessels will contract and pour out liquid stagnation. If the problem is permanent, use eye masks with caffeine and plant extracts. Applicator in the form of a ball can make a soft massage and remove excess water. Cosmetologists also offer to cope with swelling with the help of lymph drainage.
Folk recipe: 1 tbsp. of crushed birch leaves should be poured with a glass of cold water, let it brew for 8 hours. From the infusion, make cosmetic ice and wipe it the are around eyes in the morning.

“Sacks” under the eyes

Sacks under the eyes – this is not water, which dissolves within a few hours, but fat deposits, which formed under the skin of the hernia because of the features of the structure of the face. Remove this “decoration” by applying a mask-plaster with hyaluronic acid under the eyes. This mask is left overnight, in the morning the skin becomes more elastic, the hernia tightens and becomes less noticeable. However, one mask lasts 3-7 days. Mesotherapy with lipolytics will significantly improve the condition of the skin. Radical effect is blepharoplasty. This operation is done after 35 years and later. Using a laser, you can correct the shape of the eyelids and get rid of the “sacks”. The result lasts up to 15 years.
Folk recipe: Fresh cucumber, grate on a fine grater, add 2 drops of warm (not hot) honey to it, and 1 tsp. ofstrong fresh brew. Wrap the mass into gauze wipes and apply the compress for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.


“Goose paws” is the first sign of an aging skin. To slow down wilting and flabbiness of the mimic active zone, you can use special filler creams. They fill wrinkles and smooth the surface of the skin. Choose a product with collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc. After 23-25 years, start using a special anti-aging cosmetics. It is better to use it in the complex: cream, gel, whey, mask. The cosmetologist can offer professional anti-aging procedures – peelings and injections. Mesotherapy and biorevitalization will strengthen the delicate skin, and injections of botulinum toxin will allow to reduce skin activity in this zone for a few months.

Folk recipe: 1 tbsp. spoon of honey, melt in a water bath, mix with 1 tbsp. a spoon of wheat flour and beaten egg whites. Apply the mask to the problem zone for 10-15 minutes.

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