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From the West Coast to the Land of the Rising Sun, children look forward to their birthdays. The traditional celebrations vary from culture to culture. In the Balkans, the birthday kid will have his or her ears pulled in congratulations, while in India the child will feed the birthday cake to the guests, before they feed it to the child. In Australia, you’ll snack on fairy bread, and in Canada, you may get ambushed and have butter smeared on your nose! Still, no matter how different birthday traditions are, children’s enthusiasm stays the same.

Of course, that is exactly the reason why we put so much emphasis on our little ones’ special day – we don’t want to disappoint them. However, birthdays today are becoming more and more elaborate and there are more things to think about. Peer pressure is one of the things that we need to account for when it comes to our kids’ expectations – if everybody does something that you’re not really big on, your child may feel left out. In addition, the awareness of different dietary problems is much higher than it was in the past, and it makes up for another important aspect of birthday preparations.

So, the problem remains – how can we throw a great birthday party, on a budget, and make sure everybody’s needs are met? Well, here are some ideas.

1. The time should be right

Here’s a sneaky trick – have your party start after lunchtime and end before dinnertime. That way, your guests won’t expect a full meal, and you’ll be able to get away with snacks only. An impressive snack display will be an instant hit, especially if you make it creative (jelly fish tanks, inspired finger foods, and so on).

2. Mind the food

It matters not if we live in Australia, India, or Spain, as our bodies – and the bodies of our little ones – are susceptible to the same conditions. As you send out the invitations, ask the parents to let you know if there are any restrictions to their children’s diets, and, if there are, how you can adapt to them. Accept the help some of them will offer, and don’t be annoyed if any of them asks you to attend the party as well, in order to supervise their kid. Try to make the food enjoyable and safe for everyone. For example, there are many gluten-free cake options, and some of them, like Zest Patisserie, provide you with the option of ordering online. A little prevention can go a long way, and help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

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3. Double trouble

If your kid has a little friend whose birthday is close to theirs, contact the parents and see if they’re interested in doubling up. This will save you some money since you can split the costs. It can also be a bit more pleasant for you because you’ll have another parent with you, which will remove some of the pressure make you feel much more relaxed. Also, two heads think better than one, so you may find original and creative ideas (which can help you save a bit more money) if you combine your efforts.

4. Old-school entertainment

Contrary to what seems like popular opinion, you don’t really have to hire a clown in order to make your kid’s birthday party fun. There are many old-school games that can make them just as happy as the best hired entertainment. For example, you can organize a treasure hunt, and spray some pebbles gold in order to make it more realistic. A three-legged race is always a hit with both kids and their parents. However, if you do opt for this, make sure you supervise everything strictly so that no one gets hurt. There are plenty of options to choose from, so make sure you take the children’s age into account and take your pick!

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5. Make them work

Not the chores, obviously. However, you can find blank puzzles, bags, or other goodies for almost no money at all, and have the kids decorate them. It’ll occupy and amuse them, it’ll give them a chance to show their creativity, and it’ll make expensive hired entertainment quite redundant. There is also the added bonus of using the artwork they made as party favors which they can take home and show to their parents!

As you can see, throwing a birthday party does not have to be extremely expensive or stressful. Remember that the children already have everything they need to have a good time in their little friends – everything else is only a push and a boost to their own imagination.

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