How to Work as Funeral Directors?

This is a sector with very high potential, but it is not so easy to start such an activity. It is necessary to develop a highly professional and at the same time a sensitive side. It is not about selling simple goods and services but about helping people in a difficult moment of their existence.

When a loved one passes away, it is essential that precise operations are carried out in the shortest possible time. The funeral agency deals with the handling of the first practices and intervenes with punctuality and professionalism to better organize funeral directors.

A professional in this segment therefore need to know his/her work environment perfectly, all the bureaucratic aspects to be followed as well as the established roles and tasks. Let’s analyze what needs to be done in order to successfully start a funeral home and how to better manage this business.

A Look at The Funeral Pumps Sector in Today’s World

A sector that has 6,000 funeral homes, double those surveyed 15 years ago but which is recording a decline in turnover funeral directors, both because families spend less to honor the deceased, cutting not so much services as supplies (coffins and low cost urns), and because the practice of cremation is spreading more and more (much cheaper than the classic burial).

There is a growing demand for secular farewell spaces to allow relatives and acquaintances to stay close to the deceased before the final farewell and there is a demand for funeral directors to practice and embalming, as well as complete packages “turnkey ”, because the bereaved family mostly wants to face the trauma, not the bureaucracy.

It is obvious that there is no lack of earning opportunities in this field, on the other hand, it is advisable to evaluate the changes in demand from customers as well as the highly competitive aspect linked to this sector. There are many activities in our area as well as many diversified services that enhance / specialize a specific activity related to this field.

Funeral directors have to work within a full-fledged economic structure and as such can absolutely not avoid the laws of the market. Those who want to survive in this sector must necessarily implement strategies to be competitive that are to be uses as a part of their budget to marketing actions useful to give new ideas to clients, generate trust in the brand, establish a link with the territory, and increase their own ability.

We see challenges and opportunities related to digitalization, new social fashions and it is evident how this activity has profoundly changed over the years.

Requirements and Necessary Documentation to Open Funeral Agency or Funeral Services Center

First step: it is necessary to present the SCIA (Certified Notification of Commencement of Activities) to the SUAP (Single Desk for Productive Activities) of the municipality in which you intend to start.

The presentation of the SCIA allows you to provide your services throughout the region. It is a declaration to modify, transfer, close or start a production activity and has immediate effects, i.e. the entrepreneur can theoretically start working from the date presented on the declaration.

The competent bodies have 60 days to verify the information provided and can only take measures in the event of unsuitability because silent consent is valid for the funeral directors. The completed SCIA must also be sent to the Municipality electronically if possible, which Municipality must communicate them to the territorial ASL within the next 30 days, and the official can carry out the appropriate checks to grant the authorization before it is sanctioned.

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