How To Practice Gratitude In Life?


“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.” ~ Cicero
Gratitude refers to being thankful or grateful God has bestowed upon you. Feeling thankfulfor your life is something that you can never feel ashamed.You should feel thankful and cherish every moment of your life.

However, it is human nature that we tend to keep our focus on the negative aspects and forget ways to be thankful or grateful when things are going well. This happens especially when we experience a job loss, a divorce, loss of a loved one or suffer illness.

In such situations, we typically don’t see the good and focus on the negatives instead. But little do we know that these are the real times when it is of utmost importance to practice gratitude as it can help us cure, jump out of the situation and become more positive towards life.

According to a research, being grateful for everything gives a boost to the feeling of happiness by 25 percent. The research also found that people who practice gratitude in life and are grateful experience increased levels of positive emotions such as love, pleasure, passion, happiness and hopefulness.

The best thing about gratitude is being alert about whatreally makes you happy.Sometimes when things aren’t actually going your way, you get stuck in a depression and forget how awesome life can be. We know that it’s really hard to see the positive in such a moment, but this is truly the best time to be grateful – not for what has got you stuck, but for what has not.

Given below are 6 ways you can practice gratitude in life and become happier:

1. Consider Every Day As A Gift

Every new day is like your gift and you should be grateful for this precious gift. You should take each new morning as a blessing when you wake up because you are still here, alive and breathing.

2. MaintainA Gratitude Journal

A fun and exciting way of practicing gratitude is to maintain a gratitude journal. In this journal you can write down daily about the things you are grateful for.

3. Write A Thank You Note

One more great way of practicing gratitude is to write thank you notes or a letter of thanks to your loved ones. In this way, you will be able to acknowledge them for how they have touched your life.

4. Praise Others Every Day

Everyone has good qualities. If you praise someone for his good qualities it makes himfeel good. Give at least one sincere compliment every day to your family member or friends when they look good or do something good for anyone.

5. Promise Yourself Not To Complain For A Week

Try not to complain about anything for at least a week and you’ll notice how much energy you were draining on trivial things. When you giveup complaining, you will see a positive change in your life.

6. Be Thankful To People For Their Service

In your daily life, you come across so many people who serve you in one way or the other. These people include drivers, your teachers, waiters, your neighbors and sometimes even your family members. If you say thanks to them, whether face to face or with a note or a gift, it will surely make them overwhelmed by your sincere expression of gratitude.

Final Thoughts…

Gratitude helps us see a depressing moment in a way that can lessen the panic and open our mind to news solutions. It helps us accept the fact that a depressing moment is not the end of the world and other doors are still open.

Thus, even when times are tough, try to focus on bringing back the positivity into your life because we know that life was never easy and is never going to be easy so why not appreciate the little things in life?

Author Bio:
Scarlett Erinis a Life Coach, and a Blogger. She is also a motivational speaker and a blogger. Besides work, Scarlett is also an expert academic writer who love helping students and providing them timely guidance.