Ideas To Give Your Living Room A Plush Revamp


Your living space is one of the first places where you welcome your guest in and it is the part of the house which captures its soul. Just not that, it is also reflective of your personal preferences and tastes. Quite apt to its name, it is literally where life happens.

However, with time, the same look over the years makes it look a little boring and out of the place. And let’s agree, a luxurious style makeover is not what every budget can afford, right? Yet, there is no reason for you not to go for a careful thought after the upgrade which falls within your budget.

Yep, that’s right. Below are some of the ideas which you can make work wonders to the appearance of your living room.

1. Creating the Illusion of Space

One of the key points to keep in mind when you are going in for remodeling is to never underestimate the importance of the free room. The empty space not only helps you to create the necessary balance but also keeps it light and open. You may feel very tempted to push all your furniture next to the wall, but doing so will only create the illusion of tight spacing. Hence, the idea should be to include the pieces which are actually fitting and position them accordingly. Also, try to keep them elevated so that it develops a floating effect which helps to make the entire area look bigger.

2. Getting the Concept of Layered Lighting Right

Except for the natural lighting, the indoor lights are the only source of luminescence inside the living space. A miscalculated move on this one can bring down the entire look in an instant. Don’t get scared. We have got your back in this one too. Even if you do not have much area for the drawing-room, you can still make it appear bigger with a few lighting tricks. Firstly, illuminate the corners which are not visibility attractive. When a visitor gets to see all the nooks and angles equivocally, it automatically elevates the whole frame. Secondly, creating a multi-dimensional effect with layered and structured lighting, adds to the depth and height of the room, thus making it look immensely sizable.

3. Installing an Electric Fireplace

By now, you must have caught on to the idea that everything depends on styling, and being on that, we cannot leave electrically powered hearths behind. A built in electric fireplace looks oh-so-chic and it gives a plush vibe in mere seconds. As you may have seen in some pictures published in home magazines, it brings so much character and is greatly cost-efficient too. It keeps the area well heated and is a great investment for the long term. Sitting close to it on a resting armchair or on a lounger couch with a book in hand is all you need to feel like a queen (or a king) in her own private palace.

4. Large Wall Murals

Nothing else jazzes up a place quite like a tasteful art-piece. Even if you are not a collector or are yet to get all the knowledge about the culture, still you can include a painting or two which goes with the decor of the place. While getting one, keep in mind to get the one that is a bit oversize and creates a statement. Not only does it make for a great conversation starter, but also imbibes a cool and a luxe feel to the whole room arrangement.


So these were some of our own ideas to help you revamp your living space and make it look a bit more stylish. Apart from these ideas, you can also play with the colors and textures and see your personal chamber coming alive like never before.