Increasing Your Home Value With Stucco


Your home is the biggest asset you build over a lifetime. There are many a things that you do to make your home appealing and livable. These small and big modifications need to be performed inside and outside the home. Inside to make it more comfortable and outside to make it more appealing for yourself, for the neighbors and the people who visit your home. Getting the insides modified is a relatively easy job since you have a lot of options right from changing the furniture to changing the color of the walls however modifying the exterior becomes a bit tough due to the limited availability of options. Stucco is something that you can use for the exterior of your home since it adds to the exterior look of your home and provides a great look to your home.

What is stucco

Stucco is a kind of cement that has the texture and appearance of plaster due to its consistency and method of application. It has the appearance of plaster however unlike plaster it is water and temperature resistant. Stucco is glare resistant, quite affordable and acts as a good insulator. The excellent heat deflecting properties of Stucco make it a must have element of the exterior in hot climates. However if you need to use stucco in cold climate you can do so with modern formulae and additional insulation technologies that will help to trap the heat and make your home warm.

Who should go in for stucco

Initially stucco was used in places like Florida, California or southwestern part of the US along with Latin cultures of both South and Central America and Europe however today with the various changes in the composition of stucco it can be used in any and every place on earth. People who want to improve their curb appeal and want a long lasting solution for the exterior appearance of home should go in for stucco. However just to be on a safer side you need to check with the local authorities about the specific code standards although stucco falls in the set specific standards of almost all states.

The advantages of having stucco on your exteriors

There are numerous advantages of using stucco to your exterior walls. Stucco is resistant to heat cold and water to me more specific it protects you from the elements. The smooth and shell like structure that it forms outside your home ensures that you don’t have to repair the walls for any minor bumps and scuffs. The long lasting color retention properties of stucco give you a freedom of not getting your exterior walls painted for years together. You have the choice of textures to choose from that can give your home a unique and seamless look.


Stucco increases the worth of your home once you have it in place

Painting your home with high quality paint will not be able to give your home the shine and unique look that stucco provides. Your home will be visible from a distance with its unique texture and smoothness. People are surely going to develop a liking for your home since it has all the qualities to stand out of the crowd.

Stucco saves you money

Stucco once applied stays there for a long time period. Minor damages do not have much impact on stucco and you need not worry about the elements since it is water resistant and won’t give way even in the most hot and humid climate. The color stays for a long time and you don’t have think about painting or get the stucco replaced for a very long time. A lot of stucco contractors offer you deals on applying stucco. Stucco material is available at almost all locations and you don’t have to travel too far off to get all the material. For your stucco needs you can get in touch with Painting Contractors El Cajon.

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